a little update

I’ve been really busy baking and purging in my house, so far the purging has been a very very slow process…. the baking has been fun trying out new recipes and the purging wel …. let’s face it this stuff has been lying around since before I started my memory lane and it will take a while to get this up to scratch.
And I’m not even talking about scrapbook supplies here. I will have to sort those out too as dh and I are trading places, he gets the cold (smaller but finished and painted) room downstairs and I get the warm (bigger & unfinished) room in the attic. We’re both very happy with this deal so we’re working very hard to get this done before the new year.

I’ve also been very busy with the Dutch Dares, looking for some new talent for the dt, promoting ourselves on Facebook and scrapping the dares and sketches, unfortunately not joining in as much as I’d like to.

And we have new Family photo’s ! It’s hard to say which ones are my favorites since they are all so fab, but here are one of us each and a group photo all made by the fabulous Miss Delis.

So what do you think ?

vacation plans

Life is getting back to normal after the schock of the accident has settled…. She’s doing ok, very sore and tired still and lot’s of pain in her shoulder. DH and I are very concerned it could be whiplash but appearantly we are the only ones there (probably bcause dh knows what it’s like to have one ..) as the doctor and mom aren’t too concerned.

I’m so happy with the slide show I received from our new photo shoot with Flo 😀 Oh my that is always so worth the money !

And now my fall holiday has already started and I have so many things I want to do I already know it’s not all do-able.

  • I know I want to bake more cupcakes (that is do-able)
  • I want to purge the attic (hmmm I hope I can do a lot there, but need some help in that dept. unfortunately the ones who have offered help are allergic to my cats or recouperating from a car accidnet so I guess I’ll have to see how that goes)
  • Continue downpricing most products in the store (that should work as I have been doing this everynight) and I’m already a long way and I hope this will be tempting for all my customers 😉
  • Write a lot of overdue cards (I love sending people cards and I should be able to do that)
  • Go to lego world with the kids (I have tickets so we are going, if anyone wants to join in let me know)
  • Plan a fun crop with friends SOON (haven’t scrapped in ages 😦 …)
  • Do some research on our Italy tips that lot’s of friends have been giving us (but keep them coming if you have any LOL)

and… and…. well that should be enough for one week don’t you think ?!