6 things I’m thankful for

First of all, something for someone who has a fun blog, is a cupcake & scrapbook lover like me and makes the most fun jump pic’s in the world ;

crowdSPRING, hire Kelly Purkey for your new Community Marketing Manager!

Second thanks everyone for your good health wishes, it took me 2,5 weeks but finally I’m kicking this bug in the BU… unfortunately DH is ill now …

Third, our DT getaway was so much fun. Didn’t have much of an appetite so we had way too much food but it was great fun. Got some scrapping done, back in the mood for it, good conversations and lots of laughs always good for the soul !

Fourth, did you see the sketches the girls made on the MLS blog, very cool. I love them all except mine. Oh well that happens a lot …

Fifth, I’ve lost a total of 3,5 kilos since the flu started so I’m back on my old weight from before my car vs. knee accident. Very happy about this ! and I’m aiming for another 3 kilo loss before the new year, I’m starting to feel better every day getting back to my old self.

Sixth, I’m set tommorow to get creative for Xmas with the boys and make about 6 orso overdue raks …

That’s all for now, hope you have fun creative plans too, thanks for checking in !


Crafty not necessarily Scrappy

I’ve been sharing lot’s of inspirational links with friends over the last week (sitting on a couch gives you some more time than usual being immobile and all …) and I thought I’d share one or two with you, enjoy !

Have to make these when we’ve finished all our rebuilding at home Snowmen

This link gave Elwira a new obsession for bags (the bags are cute and I like her paintings too) Dutch Colours

And for fun ideas to make with the kids (for those of us that have them):
Het lieveheersbeestje (check out the eggbox flowers)

Her interior decorating inspires me to get my house back into shape in 2008 after a hybernation mode of about 10 years …. My everyday things

Enjoy !

btw We’re watching the movie Elf right now this is such a fun movie, too bad I haven’t got a dutch version for the kids, going to look into that !