{ resistance is futile }

Another year older, but he just keeps getting cuter! Happy birthday to my dear sweet husband, he’s had a rough 2,5 years but held his own and things finally fell into place this month.
So this year I told him there’s no escaping it, we are celebrating your birthday because we are getting that second wind in our backs, things are looking up and life’s too short and I like any excuse to hang the decorations and eat cake. So I’m off to bake one for him !



{ happy anniversary babe }

I still think he’s the most exciting, fun, and cutest guy I know. Sometimes I think he’s an ass, but that’s just little things now and then. In the last 25 years I have never for one second wondered if there is a better man out there, I hit the jackpot and that feels good !


Our Wedding day

10 years ago I married my best friend and we shared that special day with friends and family, looking through the wedding day pics I remember it wasn’t the perfect day I had envisioned (not good when you’re a controlfreak) but spending it with loved friends and family made it perfect for me and I let it all go….. I have been in  ❤ with my husband longer than I have been without him, pretty special !


43 no way

Yes way, but still as sexy as ever ….

Happy birthday babe !

He doesn’t want to have a party 😦 but we are going out for a celebratory birthday dinner (as per our tradition the birthday boy get’s to pick a restaurant) and he didn’t want a gift yet, he has his heart set on an original Red Sox jersey so we will buy that when we are in the States.
To make him feel special today, pleas give him some on his blog or on facebook. Thx !