Making roses is easier than you think

I got together with a group from the forum where I get lots of tips, help and inspiration. It was a lot of fun and I made a bunch more friends ! I learned even more tips, gave some, loved seeing what everyone was making and learned how to make some cute roses

vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate spread & fondant

Avatar cupcakes

My son Michael turned 8 and had an Avatar, the last airbender themed party and these were the cupcakes to go with that theme that he treated his classmates to ( I wanted to make “Appa” cupcakes but realised beforehand this would be too timeconsuming to make so many cupcakes with his fuzzy long hair so I copped out and made these avatar arrows …)

These mini flower cupcakes were for the teachers, although the left overs found their way to classmates mouthes too 😉

Cupcakes for a sisters Hope

I love a good cause and last year I was so enthusiastic about this idea that Monique had I just had to help. So I offered to make cupcakes for her bakesale that she would be doing again this year. Unfortunately I decided this a bit late so I couldn’t work as much ahead of time as I would have liked and I ended up only making 90 cupcakes …. But they turned out so cute and where selling really well (during the time I was there) so I hope I helped bring her profits up a bit for “A sisters Hope” and bring her a little closer to her goal of 1.500 euro’s sponsor money !!

A work in progress

The finished result

Quite proud to be honest !!

ps. I just heard that Monique raised 1000 euro’s with her bakesale !!!

Cupcake Workshop Results

I went to a workshop decorating cupcakes with my friend Martine and we learned so much !

Here’s what we made, we had fun with icing and fondant (I have now idea what that is in English, it’s not marzipan but made from sugar …) ;

My favorite is the one with the grass, which one do you like ?