Recharging scrapchica style

Since I’ve been scrapbooking I’ve met lot’s of fun, warm & creative women but with a few I’ve kept in touch more than others. We’d see each other at scrapworkshops, chat online or get together for an evening every now and to scrap. Yet with so many busy lives we rarely all could make it to a date at the same time.

So last year I decided we should try and solve that so we tried to find a date ( works wonders for that btw), I found a great house near the beach and the waiting game began.

Until this weekend that is 🙂

We laughed, cried, almost peed in our pants, chatted, created, posed (lot’s and lots of great photo’s came from this), primped, ate too much, exchanged gifts, cooked, baked, did whatever we wanted, lost sleep and still recharged our batteries.

(photo’s by Delis Photography, collage by Marsha)

A weekend that brought each and everyone what they needed whether it was some time to finish things, start things up, experiment a little or just work on a project without being disturbed … And that’s what it’s all about, 8 different women connecting and being themselves and everyone being ok with that.

Thanks girls for an amazing weekend, let’s do it again next year !

A song for my friends

You know who you are & you know you are stronger than you think, I’ve felt it ! And like she says in this live version, some times you just have to hear the good words …

3 weeks of holiday have gone by

Updating on the last 2 weeks (I am typing up a recap of disney for your reading pleasure and will post it soon) of our very rainy days spent at home;

* My cute (& very tall) brother came over to stay for 2 days and the boys wore him out … Hope he comes again soon.

* Went for a superyummy High tea over here with my aunt (it was her b’day present) and my mom. I definately want to go again with some friends of mine ! Here’s some pics, I can’t believe I took so many good shots and even got the girls to do some fun poses :

Oh and I’m sorry I forgot to take pics of most of the food, but it was so good and we were so hungry it was gone before we knew it ….. but if ever you are in Heemstede, check it out !
* Colin just had his 1st ski lesson and he did really well and enjoyed it a lot, I had to miss it but I’m going with for the 2nd lesson.
* Getting caught up on everyone’s blog, that’s a lot of work even with bloglines ….
* Dvd’s I’ve watched (and I’ve been watching a few) are Cloverfield (I thought it was a fresh view but I hate open endings !! DH did not like it at all), Sweet Home Alabama (Love Reese Witherspoon), Love actually (1st movie I love that has Hugh Grant in it), Flight Plan (this movie really had me doubting what was true or not so thumbs up !!), Eastern Promises (sorry Liek but we turned it off after about 45 min. it’s just not us …) Save the last dance 2 and Step Up 2 (I so wanna take up street dancing again).

* Took the boys to an indoor playground and met up with friends Flo, Mar10e and Wendy. The boys had a blast and we had some time to chat about girlstuff, laugh, complain and care ….

* Spent a fun evening with my bf’s Liek & Mar10e, going for dinner in Delft and to see the SATC movie. That was so much fun it’s like watching a whole bunch of episodes after each other, I almost choked laughing @ the movie …. Mar10e you have to catch all the reruns soon and we’ll watch it again, you’ll love it even more !!

The boys went to stay with their grandparents for 2,5 days so that gave DH and me time to ;

* Scrap all day and evening with Kirs and Marianne, we had a dt lunch with the 3 of us. I’ve actually been scrapping a lot lately, one lo I cannot show yet, the others are works in process but I made this project for the mls blog, if you want a step by step check out the blog.

* I’ve been sanding (god I hate doing that) and painting a lot of woodwork, finally I have found the color I like, SCHUIM thanks to Wendy. And for next week I have planned to do the huge window in the living room and the doorposting (sorry I don’t thing that is the right word for it …), the week after that the stairs and I’ll be starting on the walls in the hallway too. Then I have to do the kitchen woordwork and the downstairs is done !!! Yay can’t wait as I’m on roll now I aim to finish the painting of the downstairs before I return to work.

* Went out to a movie with DH and since we are big scifi and Fantasy fans we went to Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian and we loved it ! Can’t wait till the next one (there are 7 books so we should have lot’s more good ones to come) which is coming out next year. Till then sweet Prince Caspian 😉

* I’ve cleaned and re-organised the boys rooms, de-cluttered a lot of things. I moved stuff from Michael to Colin’s room as he was determined to keep the fussball table in his room, and they play in Colin’s room a lot so that won’t matter if the toys are over there.

* we got the garden cleaned up, threw a lot away, so we’re almost done just have to relocate some old pots (found them a new home @ Ed’s aunt & uncle) and then it’s cleaned out 😀 .


make life more fun and I should know as I had a lot of getting together with them this weekend;

A dinner fridaynight with girlfriends and my bro (he survived dinner with 4 women, he’s a doll).

A photoshoot saturday afternoon done by florence, wow that was fun & hard work too 😉

A very short crop but a very long lunch today with scrapfriends !

Thanks everyone !


I value friendships and know how important they are in my life.

I do not have a lot of old friends as I moved a lot in my youth and it’s hard to keep friendships when this happens. But sometimes friendships end for other reasons or for no reason at all and I feel it’s like a divorce really it hurts and it takes (well in my case) a lot of time for my heart to heal….

But you know the good thing about friendships ?

You can always make new friends, and I’m happy to say that over the past few years for the one that ended 3 years ago I’ve made lots more. I’ve been lucky enough to meet great new friends who trust me, love me and take me as I am, ones who I laugh with, share things with and have lots of fun with.

Thanks to all my new friends for making my life fuller ! You know who you all are !

2 summer hotties

Just wanted to share these with you, they were made last weekend @ Colin’s Birthday bash:

I think we need to photoshop M’s pic to get the seatcushion out of there !

Oh and according to Elwira I rock, thanks Babe !

I think these chicks rock too :

Liek cause she’s my oldest and bestest friends, beautiful inside and out

Corinne cause she’s a fab scrapbooker, a great new friend and she’s soooo photogenic I hate her for it LOL.

Francine cause she is the best storyteller and Mom I know ( that last thing totally makes me want to be her !), thanks for inviting us into your life !

Florence cause she’s sweet, rocks at taking pic’s and is the fastest scrapbooker I know !

Oh and for those who are wondering where in the @#!&^ their RAK is, I’m still purging LOL. a few days ago I decided the bookcases/cupboards I bought for the scrapstudio are not working for me so I sold them and have already found some new (secondhand) Ivar ones and we’re putting them up (after a real good cleanup, they’re airing outside now) tommorow. Hopefully that will work better and I can finally get the mess sorted in there …… Maybe I’ll even show some pic’s …

Fun, fun, fun

wow what a weekend let me tell you !

I’m thinking what I can say that the alliance gals haven’t said yet about our little surprise for anita but nope. It was fun to surprise a friend, it was great to chat, share and giggle together. I even finished some cj pages for the dt and finally got stuck into altering my bag ! It was special as it always is …..

The dt lunch on sunday was not all about scrapping this time, but a lot about getting kits & orders sorted out, getting ourselves organised, catching up, meeting Mirjam in person and just a teeny tiny bit of technique with ranger inks. I had fun girls, thanks mandy for letting us invade your house with my stuff and the team !

(i stole all the pics from other blogs as I didn’t make any photo’s, hope nobody minds ….)
Unfortunately due to dishonest builders (hey it’s all about planning right, and the ones I know cannot plan to save their lives ……), Ed could not finish what he had in mind (my room …) so he got stuck into the hallway and this is coming along nicely I must say. He is working so hard, I think I need to pamper him this week !