A day in the life of Colin, a typical 6 year old ?

At school today the toilet was dirty but I really needed to do a nr. 2 (for the dutchies : dit betekent poepje), I was not pleased. So i decided to try this on a urinoir, which is kinda hard but I made it work. But they don’t have toilet paper by the urinoirs at our school to i had nothing to wipe. The lunch mommy wanted me to put on clean “loan” underwear from school but I didn’t want to so I went commando. Mommy and daddy where not pleased as now my pants were also yucky, they came to school early bcause we had a sponsor walk which they wanted to be there for and it’s a good thing they were early as they had to race back home as they forgot my sweats but this way they could bring some clean underwear, that was nice.

Michael brought home a friend to play on the trampoline, but I was having some problems playing nice so mommy made me come in. I was not pleased but mommy promised me a long bath and I like playing in the bath so a bubble bath it was. When Michael’s friend went home he joined me cause he likes to play in the bath too. We were having a ball, then mommy made us come out for dinner. She sent Michael back as he hadn’t dried himself off properly, but after dinner (yummy bacon and egg sandwiches) his hair still looked wet and she went out exploring. And well she wasn’t amused, you see I washed Michael’s hair with natusan baby oil gel (which as mommy describes it as a thick hairgel like texture but is oily just like normal oil. I washed Michael’s hair with it, never mind me being able to read I just grabbed the first bottle that too my fancy. Mommy had to wash Michael’s hair like 5 times before she gave up, only to find that my hair was in the same condition from lying in the same bath for about 15 min…. My hair looked like this (see picture below) even after 6 washings and you should see our bathtub I almost slipped and fell when my hair was being re-washed. (* insert sigh from mommy as she tells you it took a week for michael’s hair to recover even a swimming pool trip didn’t help, my hair took a week and a half …).

While mommy was washing michael’s hair I was clearing the table, my turn and I wanted to help out while she was playing hairdresser. But ohoh I dropped all the eggshells on the floor, didn’t tell mommy but tried to clean it up but couldn’t do it fast enought so I hid the towels I used under the table (she found them when i was asleep in bed) and didn’t say a word. Mommy was not amused when she found herself walking the eggwhites through the kitchen for about 5 min. until she found out. She sent me to my room, to bed can you imagine how upset i was ?! pfff to bed because I had a little accident, there were no hugs to give away let me tell you ! But I made up with mommy once she explained she wasn’t upset about the spilling but the fact that I didn’t tell her well who knew that was the answer ?

Boy I was tired by then time for sweet dreams and for mommy to clean up even more mess and wait for daddy to fill him in on the fun.

Tagged twice

I was tagged by Corinne and Lucie S. so I’m spilling the beans :

Tag # 1.

My favorite sites:
omg I have too many to mention but since this is about sites rather than blogs it narrows it down a bit phew ….

Bloglines is a big fave at the moment bcause it saves me time, SIS TV is lots of fun but I rarely have time for it.

Challenge Faves:
Dutch Dares of course: http://www.mlsdesignteam.blogspot.com and I must say I like OLW but don’t have the time to do them

Guilty Pleasures:
I looooooooooooove anything with Chocolate and creams for any purpose you can imagine ….

Babysitting fave:
My parents (they win hands down) always there for us day or night to babysit (thx mom :D)

Creative Fave:
Oh no this is very tricky …. uhm …

Scrapwise : Corinne as she creates with such ease, Revlie because I love her journaling, Birgit cause I love her style and Jo-Anne for her vintage style …

Writer : Francine (she’s the mom I want to be, hmmmm and the photographer too ) and Bubbah for his view on scrapping

Interiors : Elly (love the vintage & love the little seasonal things)

Clothing fave:
I love H&M for the basics, O’Blue bcause of the colors (they sell this @ ladies sting) and anything else I can afford LOL

Tag # 2.

4 Jobs (I’ll choose my faves):
– A&R assistant @ Mecado
– GM assistant @ Wieden & Kennedy
– weekendjob @ Steps (clothingstore)
– currently owning my own scrapbookstore

4 Movies:
– Blues Brothers
– Grease
– The Breakfast Club
– Remember the Titans

4 Places I’ve been :
– Canada
– America
– Greece
– Turkey

4 Places I’ve lived :
– Vancouver & Richmond, Canada
– Newcastle Upon Tyne & Bill Key, UK
– Deurne & Antwerpen, Belgium
– France would have been nice for my language skills but the other places are in Holland ….

4 TV-programs I watch (I watch way more than this, trust me….) :
– CSI (all versions)
– Medium
– Ghost Whisperer
– Extreme Home Makeover (gotta love Ty …)

4 Radiostations (it’s supposed to be shows but I don’t have any fave radioshows) :
– Slam FM
– Juize FM
– Arrow Jazz
– Radio Veronica

4 x Fave foods:
– taco’s
– souflaki
– lasagna
– anything chocolate

4 Places I’d rather be :
– on a tropical beach
– on a tropical beach
– Disneyland
– on a tropical beach

4 People to pass this one of the 2 on to (you get to chose which one you like better LOL):

Monique B. (to get her back into the blogging swing of things)

Offline for 12 days of fun in the sun !

You Should Wear A Black Bikini
You’re too sophisticated to be a typical beach bunny…But you may need a bikini to wear to a swanky pool party!

I have a black bikini LOL !

Your Toes Should Be Dark Red
Sexy and a little dangerous, you give off a totally vampy vibe.
Your flirting style: Straight forward and seductive
Your ideal guy: Powerful and a little intimidating
Stay away from: Mama’s boys

Hmmmm vampy ???
Not sure if Bubbah belongs into that ideal guy categorie.
Totally agree on the mama’s boys, that was my 1st boyfriend.

You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
You are kind, popular, and generous.You tend to be successful at anything you try.A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.
You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

Definately agree with choc chip, I loooove chocolate ….

I try to be that stuff not sure about the successful part though …. haha

Yes I am weird but there’s always someone weirder ….

I was tagged by Birgit to bear all and tell you 10 weird things about myself, now I’ve done this before and since I am really not any weirder than I thought up last time I cutpastadded here and there and ended up with this ….

1. I am the CREAMQUEEN ! ok I admit to those who do not know me that well (wel Nicole knows now too after spending a night LOL) I have a thing for (wonder)creams. I have all different kinds, for all sorts of rashes, problems, itches, scrapes, burns you name it I will have a lovely little cream for it (and with me ….). And I have quite the ritual before bedtime ….

2. I can’t stand bare toenails and think my feet look weird without nailpolish on them and therefore have been putting nailpolish on them since uhm forever…. 365 days a year. I usually have red on them but since a couple of years I’m into french manicure on them too. I also don’t like it when other people have bare toes but I can resist putting polish on other peoples toes (except on my mom’s …. )

3. while we’re on the subject of feet, I do not like to have barefeet in my shoes with the exception of sandals. Now you could say it’s the same but no, I CANNOT have barefeet in my shoes and wear granny footies in my shoes. I’m trying to better myself as I bought some crocs and you do not wear footies in them ….

4. Talking to me can be a bit confusing at times, as I hop from one subject to another while other people are still on the previous subject. Things go quicker in my head and can be hard to keep up with…..

5. I have 6 laundry baskets and still think that’s not enough, I like to have all my laundry sorted by color. But dh won’t let me buy anymore …..

6. I have a thing for tall, well built men but my men have always been shorter or just as tall as me but well built 😉 ….

7. I’m an organizational freak, I looooooove compartment boxes, little boxes, tags, file folders etc. Especially if they’re in pretty colors 🙂

8. How long do you think a teabag will last me ? Well more than 1 cup of tea that’s for sure. Tea is my drink of choice (herbal that is) and I drink it quite light so one teabag goes a long way for me, 2 pots of tea easy ! Just check out Dutch Dare nr. 1 LOL.

9. I hate a messy disorganised home (see # 7) so the current state of my home is totally freaking me out 24/7 …. (Hopefully this will be sorted during the summer vacation which I have off since I work @ a school).

10. I hate movies with an open ending as this doesn’t give me closure, so don’t show me one before bedtime or I cannot sleep. The ending can be good or bad (guess which one I prefer …) but there has to be an ending, obviously I do not like movies intended to have sequels ….

11. I share Birgit’s habit of talking to myself, it is weird when we sit next to each other cropping hihi

Now if you know me really well you probably know even more weird things about me, care to elaborate ???

My turn to tag some people I choose most of my team that haven’t been tagged by me before about weird things and hope to find out some more of them, so that’s Charlotte, Daphne, Francine, Jo-Anne, Mandy, Mirjam, Monique, Nicole, Wendy and our guest star for may and june Monique ! Can’t wait to read all about your weirdness ladies ! Oh and as a little extra, for some more fun I tag Bubbah too !

Book Tag

I was book tagged by Nicole, and since I don’t have any “grown-up” books in the living room I chose the book next on my nightstand. Now I’ve not been reading a lot for the longest time, I only seem to be “into it” when I’m abroad on a holiday … a shame really because I loved to read, not too heavy literature for me though.

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence.
3. Post the text of the following 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name of the author and book.
5. Tag three people of your own.

1. Got it …
2. His hand trembled. He trembeled. mostly as he rested. Mostly when he tries his hardest to relax.And sometimes, after we have made love, which he can do in a lovely unnoticably athletic way, his whole rightside trembles and his arm flaps wildly in the air, as if we’ve just given it it’s freedom back.
4. Amy Bloom, A blind man can see how much I love you ( I actually have a dutch version this time)
5. Elwira, Monique B, Nat

BTW for those of you that didn’t guess yet, the blog I suspected my husband to have started is indeed his blog. Hope you’re havin fun at my expense LOL. He’s getting quite a following …..


I was tagged a few times and I wanted to answer your questions before the new year, so here it is just in time LOL.

A – Available or single: Totally in love & married to DA MAN
B – Best Friend: I have a few dear friends I cherish but my oldest and dearest friend Angelique
C – Cake or Pie: apple pie !
D – Drink of choice: herbal tea, coke light and apple juice
E – Essential Item you use everyday: My make-up bag …
F – Favorite color: pink & blue
G – Gummy Bears or worms: Gummy Bears look cuter
H – Hometown: Currently Hoofddorp 😉
I – Indulgence: chocolate and beauty products
J – January or February: January
K – Kids & Names: 2 boys, Michael & Colin
L – Life is Incomplete Without: Music & Art (in whatever form…)
M – Marriage Date: July 3rd 2002
N – Number of Siblings: 3; a brother and 2 sisters, Casper, Nicole & Anouk
O – Oranges or Apples: oranges (but only those huge ones in the winter)
P – Phobias or Fears: heights in things that move (ie. skilift, ferris wheel …)
Q – Fav Quote:
Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt.
Laugh like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching.
R – Reason to Smile: The drawings my dh leaves me on the shower door …
S – Season: spring & summer
T – Tag 3 or 4 people: Liek, Nicole, Mirjam, Mandy (because I think it will make a great scrapsubject for them ….)
U – Unknown Fact about Me: When nervous I chew on my the inside of my cheek …. 😦
V- Vegetable You Don’t Like: turnips
W – Worst Habit: I can be quite the busy & loud talker and I am learning to control that better so I can hear what others are saying …
X – Xrays: plenty uhm my knee (a lot), wrist and appendix
Y – Your Fave Food: Greek, Mexican & Italian
Z – Zodiac Sign: Virgo