A sisters Hope

This post and RAK is connected to the Dutch event “A Sisters Hope-60 KM walk”. Due to this, only Dutch people will be able to enter for a chance to win the RAK below, sorry to international readers!

Hallo allemaal! Oktober staat zoals elk jaar in het teken van aandacht voor borstkanker een doel die ik erg belangrijk vind. Een lieve scrapvriendin, Monique Helfrich zet zich met hart en ziel in om donaties te werven ten behoeve van A Sisters Hope. Vorig jaar heb ik zo’n 90 pink ribbon cupcakes gebakken en versierd om haar hierbij te steunen maar dit jaar had ze deze zelf gebakken … En niet alleen ik wilde haar steunen maar ook het dt leek het leuk om iets te doen om nog wat geld voor haar in te zamelen en dus hebben we het volgende bedacht.

Alle vier hebben we een RAK samengesteld. Als je kans wilt maken op één van die prijzen en tegelijkertijd een fantastisch doel wilt steunen, ga dan naar de MLS blog om te lezen hoe. Hieronder zie je de RAK die ik heb samengesteld voor, ook al lijkt het ver weg, de kerst. Leuke chipboardfiguren van Making Memories, rikrak lint en mooi nostalgisch kerstpapier van daisy d. Stiekum ga ik daar nog wat kleine embellishments aan toe voegen maar die houd ik nog even een verrassing.

Aankomend weekend loopt Monique samen met vele anderen de tweedaagse wandeling van 60 kilometer. Ik wens haar heel veel succes! Wie weet steun je Monique al, maar als je graag een steentje wilt bijdragen aan een prachtig doel èn zo tegelijkertijd kans wilt maken op één van de vier prijzen (zie de andere 3 op de MLS blog), lees dan hier hoe!

Monique, je bent echt geweldig en suc6 met de 60 km !

October may have gone

But we still have to be aware that Cancer hasn’t ….

As a wife, daughter-in-law & friend of cancer survivors I urge you to never forget to donate, never forget to check yourself, never forget to keep showing you care for those that have faced the battle even after they’ve had the worst of it behind them cause that’s when it really hits them and most of all ….. live life like there’s no tommorow !

this film (with thanks to CZ) reminded me ….

I do good, you do good, we should all do more good

I like to do good, give money to a cause, walk the sponsor walks, give promotion to something I feel strongly about (hence my 90 pink ribbon cupcakes …) and if I had more time I would surely be a volunteer somewhere so that’s why, when I read about these 2 causes I just had to share it with my blog friends.

Unfortunately I cannot donate to the 1st one for obvious reasons which will become clear when you read it. But the other cause is so easy for everyone who wears crocs, you just have to do this ! I read about it after I had thrown Colin’s out and so I jumped in our trash bin to get them back out, I told you I can feel very strongly about good causes 😉

Healing Miles = This dutch foundation asks people to donate their frequent flyer miles for sick children & adults that need medical care abroad but cannot afford the costs of the tickets. They also take donations btw for the airport taxes etc. that need to be paid.
Now how cool is that because you don’t really miss your frequent flyer miles if you were to donate a few, it’s different to say giving them 100 euro’s or 100 miles … Great deal if you ask me, kinda wishing I traveled more !

Soles United =
the first-of-its-kind recycled footwear donation program. give back your worn-out crocs shoes to be recycled into new shoes and they will be donated to people in need around the world.
Now how easy is that, just send them your old crocs instead of chucking them in the bin and you’ve helped someone, all you need are stamps and an envelope …. I will be emailing them to find out if they have a european place to send them !

Makes me feel better even if I only share these links with you bcause I feel really crappy today after a busy weekend I think due to a bit of frustration/disappointment and a bit of a really bad cold.

Special Events

It’s my birthday

I’ve supported a friend in her goal to get 1.500 sponsor donations for a breastcancer charity fund “A Sisters Hope” walk (she not only has to raise this money but also walk 60km) which I think is so awesome !!!! I wanted to help so I baked about 90 cupcakes which sold really well at a bake sale. Feels good to donate some time and ingredients that quadrouple it’s value 😀

I started a new blog so I wouldn’t bore you with all my cupcakes on this blog (I’ve been making a lot lately), if you want to see them you can find them here, but wanted to share these, since they are my fave’s till now. Made them for a special date with my friends Co, Jo & Flo

photo courtesy of C. Delis

Another Birthday and something to think about in one post !

This young goddess :

Kirsty (for those who don’t know here btw this is my fave pic of her) is celebrating her birthday today and I just wanted to share some details of her with you;

You were born on a Mondayunder the astrological sign Aquarius.
Your Life path number is 1.
Your fortune cookie reads: One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.
You were born in the Chinese year of the Pig.
Your Native American Zodiac sign is Otter; your plant is Fern.

As of 2/8/2008 7:15:08 AM EST; You are 37 years old.You are 444 months old.You are 1,930 weeks old.You are 13,514 days old.You are 324,343 hours old.You are 19,460,595 minutes old.You are 1,167,635,708 seconds old.

Celebrities who share your birthday:
Josh Keaton (1979)
David ‘Phoenix’ Farrell (1977)
Seth Green (1974)
Gary Coleman (1968)
Claudette Pace (1968)
Robert Klein (1942)
Ted Koppel (1940)
Nick Nolte (1940)
John Williams (1932)
James Dean (1931)
Jack Lemmon (1925)
Audrey Meadows (1924)
Freddie Blassie (1921)
Lana Turner (1921)
Lyle Talbot (1902)
Jules Verne (1828)
Willam Tecumseh Sherman (1820)

And I know how you love music so here are the top songs of 1971
Joy to the World by Three Dog Night
Maggie May by Rod Stewart
It’s Too Late by Carole King
One Bad Apple by Osmonds
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart by Bee Gees
Knock Three Times by Dawn
Brand New Key by Melanie
Go Away Little Girl by Donny Osmond
Family Affair by Sly & the Family Stone
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves by Cher

Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 5.28923679060665 years old. (You’re still chasing cats!).
Your lucky day is Saturday.Your lucky number is 4 & 8.Your ruling planet(s) is Saturn & Uranus. Your lucky dates are 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th.

And for those who love these details I have the link here.

On another note, ever since I read about this I’ve been thinking what I could do to raise some money, but I’m still working on that. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s some info I quickly “borrowed” from Corinne as I couldn’t have said it any better really:

My sweet friend Kirsty Wiseman needs our help, well actually her daughter Ellie does.

Ellie is a a sweet and happy 12 year old who can’t funtion like a normal 12 year old. Kirsty and her husband have been to many doctors but nobody can figure out what Ellie has. They said to her: “well what you see is what you get with her”. and with those words they had to go home and live with it. Something that is unacceptable for every parent I think.

Kirsty is one of the sweetest woman that I know and such a good mother for Belle, as she lovingly calls her daughter. She has shed so many tears over this and now there is an opportunity to help Ellie get a diagnose and who knows even treatment. They have been offered a chance to be seen by a group of American doctors and specialists, a dream come true for them.

Now here is where you can help out. In order to get there they will have to raise 5000 Pounds. In return Ellie will walk a mile with out her stroller, which for her is like walking 7 miles. You can read all about this fund raising HERE and THIS is what Ellie had to say about it, isn’t she the cutest little girl ?

Lot’s of people have been auctioning off stuff, homemade and fave items of Corinne, this fab apron made by Lucie, Kerry, Kirsty will be too so maybe you would like check these links out !


I’m a sucker for charity … If I had more funds I would spread it around over all the charities there are. But we have to make choices so we have a list of 5 charities that we are long time donors for; Aids fund, WNF, Greenpeace, Clini Clowns and Cancer fund. But I must say we can never resist someone who’s collecting for all the other charities that are out there that pass us by.

And because I love a good cause I wanted to make you aware, for those that have not heard about these 2 initiatives : {edited : make that 3 !}

Scrap-a-Little Sunshine
Scrapping cute mini albums for children with cancer, now who can resist that ? I have 2 free workshops scheduled for this cause on monday September 24th and Friday October 12th. If you’re interested you can email me to register for this.

Scrapping against Cancer
The Art Noevoo girls, a belgium scrap blog, are organising a day to raise funds for cancer on november 11th in Ekeren, Belgium. If it’s not too far out of your way and you’re in for a fun day then you should definately register for this Scrappen voor Kanker event !

A sisters Hope
I was waaaaaaaaaaay behind on a sweet and talented lady’s blog and it turns out she’s doing something wonderfull for cancer too. Monique Helfrich is walking the walk and has pledged to raise 1.500 euro’s through donations but also by organising all kinds of sales in her hometown tommorow. I wish her a lot of money so she can make the goal, I will surely be helping with this and will donate money in her name ….

So let your fingers do the typing or scrapping and donate or create but please do your part for cancer. We all know how important this cause is !!!

How much effort does it take to make someone smile ?

I don’t do chainletters or send on funny jokes and so on (used to a lot though when I just got email) but this is a request that touched my heart ! I want to spread the news, as for us scrappers it doesn’t take a big effort to make this little boy smile.
We can make a card in less than 15 min. with all the scraps we have laying around and sending it is not a lot of work …. well no work at all really considering we mail raks and scrap supplies daily 😉 . So let’s make a sick little boy’s wish come true and give him a mountain of birthday cards and help him get a worldrecord and make him smile, no effort at all really !

You have until May 30th so plenty of time to get your card to Canada, I’m getting the boys to make one too make it a family project !