Hope all is well with all my blog readers ( I know there are some LOL just always wonder who …) ! Thought I’d let you know what’s up in Daan’s life 😉

I’m busy getting organized for my trip to London this weekend with my mother, leaving friday morning and will be back sunday evening. It’s been a while since I was in the UK and I cannot remember when my mom and I have been on a trip for more than a day together or in the UK together (I think this was when I was like 14 orso) so this will be fun ! I’m looking forward to visiting Anthropology, GAP, Cath Kidson and Alfie’s Antique Market. I bought a fun touristy book called 100% London and it has lots of fun restaurant, shop and just touristy things in it so we plan to use that for some info if we run out of idea’s but any other tips are welcome ….

Oh and my diet did it’s job I’m totally cleansed, just have to keep up with avoiding white sugar and use cane sugar instead so I will be testing that in my cupcake recipe’s. I decided to stay on this sugarless route as I’m used to it now. My vitality and energy levels are still not good so he advised me to take vitamin’s (he said Centrum and Supradyn are very good) that I should take throughout the winter. I still fall asleep on the couch about 2 to 3 evenings a week so I’m not feeling a difference yet … Any tips are welcome for this !

Another thing I just have to share with you is that Colin is swimming for his A certificate tommorow, we were amazed he was at all ready for it since he started last year december, swimming twice a week. We’re very proud as we know how hard it is for him to focus with so many distractions !

I’m sure the boys won’t miss me too much as they have a pretty full weekend planned and lot’s of boys things they want to do.


Amazing when you can eat everything you never bother to read the food labels isn’t it ?

Now I know that when the boys had their milkallergy I only had to mind a few things as a docter was able to help them with their allergies and all was good so that was easy. Then there’s my friend Mandy has a little boy that is allergic to a lot of stuff and she has to read every single label like a detective. I know from her how hard it is to find things or recipe’s for him that he is able to eat.

But now I have to watch out & read every label for food I come across and boy it takes a lot of work, shopping takes twice, no thrice (LOL) as much time as it does normally.

Let me tell you a little story, you see I’m someone that has had a bad resilience with her health for the last 20 years, always catching the flu or other stuff that germs seem determined to give me, but before that was never ill, i mean almost never as I’ve had like one typical childhood ilness. And this year I’ve decided (for a lot of things in my life but this is step 1 since i couldn’t get it right last year) that enough is enough, I want to survive Fall and winter on my terms and not those of the germs.
So a war has been launched and with the help of a special docter, a very good docter, same one as my boys have seen and various people I have recommended him to or I meet quite by accident that know about him; Dr. Soema.

Dr. Soema figured out quite a bit about my energy levels, intestins and liver that were not good, stuff living there, thriving of food that not only I love. So i’m on a very strict diet for 30 days, lot’s of natural herbs to make the intestins and liver stronger and cleaner and antibiotics.

So I’m off sugar, milk, cheese, cacoa, yeast, glucosepaste, tomato’s, pig, veal and cows meat, pepper, goatsmilk or cheese, mushrooms and let me tell you once you start looking out for these ingredients it’s everywhere … yes also in cupcakes 😦 so I ordered myself the babycakes vegan cookbook so I can make some nice cupcakes as dessert for a dinnerdate at the end of this month. And try thinking up a nice dinner besides the standerd meat, potatoes & veggies ? Only thing I can come up with is a healthy version of nasi goreng and fajitas (but no sour creme or tomato saus to go with it but a cheesy soy spread) with corn chips. If anyone has any recipes plse let me know, I’m craving changes in the menu !!

An upside, well the first week I didn’t think there was one because i was in detox (kicking a sugar habit is not the easiest) but there is one is I’m loosing weight, finally 2 years after the knee-accident I’m losing weight. 2 down, at least 5 to go ….. And I should have buckets of energy at the end of this, this is what keeps me going, more energy, less feeling blah, less catching the flu and overall a better healthier me !

Something to consider, cutting out certain products I “though” were healthy from my lifestyle after the 30 days.

Life & Health has been kicking my butt

Over the last half year life has really been kicking my butt and now my health is too. For those close to me you’ve already heard it, i’ve been bedridden for 2 weeks & 2 antibiotics due to pleurisy (nl=pleuritis), appearantly because I had a stomach problem my immune system (which lets face it is bad as is) was low and wham I get hit with an ancient inflamation.
Being tired is really getting to me now that my head & the rest is starting to clear up, very slowly i might add.

So what do you do when you can do nothing and have no energy to pick up a book ? You watch tv/movies, online that is. So far I’m all caught up with desperate housewives (saw season 3 through 5), ghost whisperer (4 episodes), greys anatomy (2 episodes), Penelope, Make it happen. And now I’m on to bloglines which has been waiting since i was back from our wonderful holiday in turkey.

And going through bloglines, through all my fave party, bake & design blogs this preview really cheered me up. I think all you bloggers & food lovers will love this too.

I’ll be back soon as i get better & more energy!

Super Size Me

OMG I am watching the SSM documentary and am becoming sick to my stomach, also quite amazed by his appearant addictive reaction to all the Mc Donalds. Hmmmm I think that I’ve found an explanation for my potatochips addiction that I seem to have aquired after my little knee accident …. I should just stick to chocolate, a better addiction bcause that at least gives you a happy feeling !

But anyhooo I have decided after today I’m really going to leave them alone during the week and get back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon (which for me equals just eating healthier according to their guidelines).

We do eat pretty healthy I think, the boys (and so do I, DH is another story) take fruit and veggies with them to school, we don’t eat a lot of gravy with our food and we all get plenty of excercise. But we eat from our local fast food (patatzaak) once a week, I think we shold cut down on that a bit. At least how many snacks we order with our french fries … And lemonade & juices we try to keep that to a minimum and give water & tea too, but sometimes it creeps in as it’s easy to grab so I’ll be watching that a bit more.

What do you do to eat & stay healthy ?

not coping

Yep that’s me I’m talking about. At the moment I’m having troubles coping with everything in my life, not blogging a lot, not laughing enough, not responding a lot, not taking care of business a lot, no scrapping at all, not coping with evenings very well, basically I’m not on top of my game ….

What’s up you may ask, well I’m damned if I know…….

What I do know is where the fatigue is coming from; I’ve had the last appointment with the fysio this week and he said I’d be tired but oh my this is really bad. I work on lots of MLS stuff during the evening and this week I’m crashing at 21.00 which does not give me a lot of work time. The thing is my fysio is an ostheopath and after dealing with my knee, he turned to my pelvic and back because since he was treating me they started to hurt. But he does that in a peculiar way, he’s been messing with my muscles in my stomach (said they were all being pulled to my appendix scar …?) and he’s been prodding and pushing my organs around like crazy … Appearantly my tummy doesn’t give the natural resistance it should (none really) and appearantly that is not good for me ?? it seems to be working as my backpain is going away but because he’s been doing that I had to drink lots and lots of water to get the waste materials out of my body and I would feel really fatigued and he was right. I have to go back in a month so we’ll see how that goes …

As for my state of mind, hmmm maybe I’m in bad need of lotsa sun, chocolate (I’ve got boxes full of the cocolate kind and I don’t care if Bubbah tried to convince you otherwise …) or just lotsa fun who knows. But it’s good I’ve got spring break until next wednesday so I’ll at least get some rest from the daily blahblah ….

Well I’m off to crash, Happy Egghunting to all this weekend !

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

Or is it the other way around ? Or not ?

I don’t care all I can say is I have finally found my word for 2008 ! Health ! I want to take better care of myself not only foodwise but also in the form of relaxation and a bit more fun.

Today I started my day eating healthy and ended it that way too. Tommorow I will go visit the Weight Watchers to lose the 5 kilo’s I gained somewhere this year that results into my clothes not fitting …. that somehow I cannot seem to lose. After both boys I lost 12 kilo’s following the WW regime (without attending, so I did it all by myself) but at the moment I’m so busy and not in the right state of mind and I cannot seem to do it on my own.
So I need a little help from them and my support group 😀
My mother also has (we’re jojo’s each in our own weightclasses, yes just like boxers LOL) having weight problems (it’s definately in the genes we can look at choc, chips etc. and gain weight which results in me always having to make choices) so I dared her to go to and promised ourselves something after 5 kilo’s and I’m thinking of jewelry or a wellness centre.
I know that once I fit in my clothes I will feel happier, my leg will have less to carry (you see it should take another 6 weeks to heal WITHOUT surgery phew but in the meantime it’s a heavy load for my other not so ok knee) and I can buy some fun new summerclothes. Things could be worse I know, but for me now, this is keeping me busy.

For relaxation I plan to scrap more, get together with friends more and with scrap together with some of them and dinner or dancing with others and go out more with DH and have some fun by going to movies (we LOVE doing this), we already have theatertickets and I want to go away for a romantic weekend together.

So have you found your word yet ?

And for those of you going on the health kick, what are you giving yourself (or receiving) to keep yourself motivated ?

I had a little accident

I was riding my bicycle home (and another one that was still at my work so me and 2 bikes) and whilst on the path a car swirled out of a driveway and instead of going directly accross the path onto the road he thought he’d cut off a bit and drove towards me over the bike path. He saw me quite late and got the shock of a lifetime and since we both couldn’t change directions quick enough we collided a bit …… But that bit was enough to make me fall to the ground (thank god against his car and not under) and hit my knee on the pavement. So here I am, on the couch feeling a bit sorry for myself as I’m in pain with a BIG & sore knee (blue, scraped & bloody oh and did I mention pain ?) …