Merry Xmas

Listen to the lyrics, this is what we are doing today …


Happy Easter to all my blogfriends

Hi everyone, just a quick post to wish you all a great easter holiday. I’ll give you an update soon, right now I’m real busy getting a cake made for my DH’s birthday tommorow and we’re just giving a small BBQ but will have a big party when we’ve had our holiday.

Just wanted to share this easter bunny I made during a chocolate workshop a week ago.

A few of my wishes for you in 2009

A good friend who always has a listening ear
Lots of creative mojo
More balance
Less stress
Good health
Good Bargains
A whole lotta love
Flowers every day
Sunshine in your life every day
Good times
At least one co-worker to make you laugh (read this on another blog and thought it was a great wish)
Good fortune
A chuckle a day
Someone who smiles at you at least once a day
A good hug
Many a beautiful sunset to enjoy
Safe driving
The perfect cupcake
Lots of favorite songs

And here’s a pretty one to start this year off (i have no idea what she’s singing but her voice is so pretty !)

Happy ?

Although I’m headed into the new year with a bit of bad news I’m trying to be positive, trying is the key word here 😉

I want to wish all my family & friends, new & old, blog, internet & realtime a great new year. Full of creative mojo, love, happiness and lot’s of warmth in your lives. May all your wishes for 2008 come true !

ps. the bad news is that the doctor told me today she does not like the sound of my knee (knacking sound) and I need to go to an orthopedic surgeon soon … Great as if my hormones weren’t raging enough around xmas and new year….
You see I get really emotional and melancholic at the end of year ….