Toilet Fizzie Bombs

I made my first batch of fizzies bombs this month to compliment my new cleaning routine of our toilets (alongside the thieves all purpose cleaner). Yes these are fizzie bombs for the toilets not for in my bath!



These are tossed in our toilets every evening for my daily morning scrub (it literally fizzes the gunk from the toilet bowl, I know gross and of course no one has so much gunk you can see it come off, but just imagine it) or when it needs to smell a bit nicer in between, I have 2 teenagers after all …

They are super easy to make, cheaper than the ones you can buy in the store and who doesn’t want a natural alternative to clean their home!
I mean seriously products with skulls, flames or that state you need to call your doctor if you drink, inhale or get this in your eyes is just not ok….
All the ingredients that are used for the toilet fizzies are regularly used in the kitchen although I would not eat hem in this particular state 😉



Mixing bowl
Misting spray bottle (which is a better option than just pouring it in there trust me on this)
Silicon mold (cute shape is optional)
Latex gloves and mask (optional)

100 grams Citric Acid (NL = Citroenzuur)
50 grams Baking Soda (NL = Sodium Bicarbonaat)
30 drops of Young Living Essential oils (3 kinds; I used Thieves, Lemon and Peppermint for this batch)
water (in the misting spray bottle)

Mix the 2 powders with a mixer
Add your choice of YL Essential Oils and mix again
Slowly spray the mix whilst mixing until it has the consistency of wet sand
When the mixture has the right consistency add it to the mold shapes, press firmly to get the air out and keep adding to the shape until a bit under the rim
Leave to dry for 6 hours.


My personal tips :
Don’t fill the molds to the rim as it does swell up a bit whilst drying (trust me on this)
I recommend firmly pressing again the mixture again after 30 min.

They are fun to make in different shapes, I made 2 batches so I would have enough to fill the mold.




Organizing a household

So we’ve been trying hard for the last year to get our house decluttered and more organized and I must say (I haven’t thought this for the longest time) but we’re making progress. It’s a very slow and painfull one you see it’s going way to slow for my taste… But even with baby steps we will get there one day.

One of the things that helped us get on track this last year was a menu planner. After using it this past year and me switching to low carb food the planner just wasn’t working as it could so we adapted it, made a dry erase version by putting it in a frame and there you have it our menu planner 2.0. If anyone’s interested I can email it to you so you can adapt to suit it to your lifestyle.

We also made a home management binder ( I was so inspired with the ones I saw on pinterest) in which every bit of info we could need that is at our fingertips (which would normaly be everywhere and nowhere) . Things like emergency contact numbers, finance info, insurance refund forms, stamps, id & library cards, discount coupons, school information, fave take out menu’s, adres list etc.

We also made a new calendar for 2012 ourselves. The family planner that we usually bought changed in format and we didn’t like it one bit. We couldn’t find one that was similar or if it was that fitted our budget (purchase and shipping costs 😦 were too much) so again we made one ourselves. It’s based on this calendar below (i will show our version as soon as we’ve assembled it) and if you’re interested I can email it to you, again so you can adapt it to suit your lifestyle and family names.

And instead of buying the boys a weekly planner, they will be getting a dry erase version (still in concept) with their chores on it so they can check them off and re-use it the next week. Less paper 🙂 Will share when they are done.