You make me feel

I love it when music can speak for me ! Happy Valentine’s day Babe !

My guitar hero

Michael and Ed started guitar lessons together last year.
After a few performances (Happy Birthday to you for grandma and his dad) Michael enthousiasticly told his teacher at school that he could maybe play something during the monthly show. And here he is with his first official performance, we’re so proud that after only 4 months he’s confident enough to play in front of the entire school including parents.

Way to go Michael, you are my guitar hero !

For my mom

And all the other fans of The Sound of music …

I just love these, love how people you think are watching and totally not like they are about to jump in and join the group dancing, love how in sync they all dance makes me all happy. If you know a good one let me know and make my weekend 🙂

Tom Jones Rocks

Boy does he ever for his age ! Went to see him on the 6th with my mother and we had a blast ! Here’s 2 video’s I made with my new camera

This song always makes me think of Carlton Banks from “The fresh prince of bel air” (know what I mean 😉 LOL)

Oh and yesterday I was invited to the musical Mamma Mia by my friend Corinne and although I couldn’t enjoy the complimentary lunch buffet it was a great afternoon, good company & the musical was fun now I really want to see the movie ! Thanks Babe !