{ hello 2010 }

I love Ali’s idea of chosing a word every new year, a word that fits with what you would like to do more, your ? for that year or just a word that shows what you find inportant. Now when I thought about my word last week I had a hard time choosing one and don’t think I found the right one to be honest, that I just chose one to have one you know what I mean 😉

So as I was catching up on blogs I read a word that a blogger chose for herself (love that they did it for the whole family) and thought that’s it, that’s my word for 2010 it fits me in every possible way this year ! So I decided to change my word, because hey who says you can’t …..

My word for 2010 is FLOURISH and if you want to know why it fits so much better than the one I chose (which was creative ) well I mean duh it means this : to grow well, strong: thrive well that’s want i want to do this year !


I get inspired a lot, and when I say a lot i mean A LOT ! Through bloglines i am connected to so many, many fun blogs that I get overinspired and save a lot of fun ideas but don’t get around to actually doing something with it.

So when our latest ducht dare came around, which we changed last minute so we could pay tribute to an inspirational blog One Little Word that closed down, I had to use one of my saved ideas.

This cute little quote was found on the blog of Vicki Chrisman and she made the cutest canvas of it which I scraplifted and made my own. I’m loving it and want to make more little canvasses with inspiring quotes on it for my home. Check out what the rest of the girls made here, hope we inspire you !