I used to scrap

And I’m doing it again, finally making more time for my hobby’s.

Trying to bake something yummy every weekend so I can finally try out some recipes, trying to get back into scrapping and join in the dutch dares team more and making my own birthday cards to send out to friends (hopefully more on time these last few weeks ….) and trying to work out more. Gives me more balance thus happier me 🙂


Yes I still do ! Inbetween alle the purging & decluttering I’m starting to get the itch to scrap again so I haven’t missed a project for the blog.

Above the current dutch dare (not totally happy about this one, liking some elements and others not so much, any tips are appreciated !)Check out what the other girls did here

Below the dutch dare before that, the dare was “sport” totally happy with this one !

scrapped a sketch

I loved working on this new sketch that Kirs made, finally some inspiration for the baseball pics of Michael. Loved how it turned out, in one evening no less and I’m a happy camper (oh and so was Michael when he saw what I was working on).

Check out the what the other dt members made here and get inspired & join in !


I get inspired a lot, and when I say a lot i mean A LOT ! Through bloglines i am connected to so many, many fun blogs that I get overinspired and save a lot of fun ideas but don’t get around to actually doing something with it.

So when our latest ducht dare came around, which we changed last minute so we could pay tribute to an inspirational blog One Little Word that closed down, I had to use one of my saved ideas.

This cute little quote was found on the blog of Vicki Chrisman and she made the cutest canvas of it which I scraplifted and made my own. I’m loving it and want to make more little canvasses with inspiring quotes on it for my home. Check out what the rest of the girls made here, hope we inspire you !

Scrapping is therapy

Just like baking cupcakes but unfortunately I don’t have enough energy for that (which should come back into my life in august orso according to the doc). I really needed to relax, had a bit of a rough week to do with my volunteer work and I decided had to stick up for myself to a few people and although it was quite hard (it’s just not who I am really, conflict is something I try to avoid like a headache in my work even if it is volunteering LOL).

So after getting over the initial uncomfortable feeling of the whole situation I decided I really needed to do something to help me relax and scrapping does just that. Not my best work, and I still have to figure out where & when this was taken (hope mom can help me out since she has the original) but it felt pretty damn good !