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ehm a long one I’m afraid as I haven’t updated since uhm well way too long sorry life got in the way

What’s been going on, well we’ve had a few dinnerparty’s, I did my taxes for 2008 so only one more year to plow through and then it’s bye bye business admin, scrapped a bit, made a cute valentine bunting, oh and of course doing lots of baking which can mostly be seen here …

Colin got his next swimming diploma B, one more to go

Michael had a star wars party, here’s a little slide show of his party

some Love

Oh and for anyone still interested in some London Pics, here’s a quick slide show



Hope all is well with all my blog readers ( I know there are some LOL just always wonder who …) ! Thought I’d let you know what’s up in Daan’s life 😉

I’m busy getting organized for my trip to London this weekend with my mother, leaving friday morning and will be back sunday evening. It’s been a while since I was in the UK and I cannot remember when my mom and I have been on a trip for more than a day together or in the UK together (I think this was when I was like 14 orso) so this will be fun ! I’m looking forward to visiting Anthropology, GAP, Cath Kidson and Alfie’s Antique Market. I bought a fun touristy book called 100% London and it has lots of fun restaurant, shop and just touristy things in it so we plan to use that for some info if we run out of idea’s but any other tips are welcome ….

Oh and my diet did it’s job I’m totally cleansed, just have to keep up with avoiding white sugar and use cane sugar instead so I will be testing that in my cupcake recipe’s. I decided to stay on this sugarless route as I’m used to it now. My vitality and energy levels are still not good so he advised me to take vitamin’s (he said Centrum and Supradyn are very good) that I should take throughout the winter. I still fall asleep on the couch about 2 to 3 evenings a week so I’m not feeling a difference yet … Any tips are welcome for this !

Another thing I just have to share with you is that Colin is swimming for his A certificate tommorow, we were amazed he was at all ready for it since he started last year december, swimming twice a week. We’re very proud as we know how hard it is for him to focus with so many distractions !

I’m sure the boys won’t miss me too much as they have a pretty full weekend planned and lot’s of boys things they want to do.

3 weeks of holiday have gone by

Updating on the last 2 weeks (I am typing up a recap of disney for your reading pleasure and will post it soon) of our very rainy days spent at home;

* My cute (& very tall) brother came over to stay for 2 days and the boys wore him out … Hope he comes again soon.

* Went for a superyummy High tea over here with my aunt (it was her b’day present) and my mom. I definately want to go again with some friends of mine ! Here’s some pics, I can’t believe I took so many good shots and even got the girls to do some fun poses :

Oh and I’m sorry I forgot to take pics of most of the food, but it was so good and we were so hungry it was gone before we knew it ….. but if ever you are in Heemstede, check it out !
* Colin just had his 1st ski lesson and he did really well and enjoyed it a lot, I had to miss it but I’m going with for the 2nd lesson.
* Getting caught up on everyone’s blog, that’s a lot of work even with bloglines ….
* Dvd’s I’ve watched (and I’ve been watching a few) are Cloverfield (I thought it was a fresh view but I hate open endings !! DH did not like it at all), Sweet Home Alabama (Love Reese Witherspoon), Love actually (1st movie I love that has Hugh Grant in it), Flight Plan (this movie really had me doubting what was true or not so thumbs up !!), Eastern Promises (sorry Liek but we turned it off after about 45 min. it’s just not us …) Save the last dance 2 and Step Up 2 (I so wanna take up street dancing again).

* Took the boys to an indoor playground and met up with friends Flo, Mar10e and Wendy. The boys had a blast and we had some time to chat about girlstuff, laugh, complain and care ….

* Spent a fun evening with my bf’s Liek & Mar10e, going for dinner in Delft and to see the SATC movie. That was so much fun it’s like watching a whole bunch of episodes after each other, I almost choked laughing @ the movie …. Mar10e you have to catch all the reruns soon and we’ll watch it again, you’ll love it even more !!

The boys went to stay with their grandparents for 2,5 days so that gave DH and me time to ;

* Scrap all day and evening with Kirs and Marianne, we had a dt lunch with the 3 of us. I’ve actually been scrapping a lot lately, one lo I cannot show yet, the others are works in process but I made this project for the mls blog, if you want a step by step check out the blog.

* I’ve been sanding (god I hate doing that) and painting a lot of woodwork, finally I have found the color I like, SCHUIM thanks to Wendy. And for next week I have planned to do the huge window in the living room and the doorposting (sorry I don’t thing that is the right word for it …), the week after that the stairs and I’ll be starting on the walls in the hallway too. Then I have to do the kitchen woordwork and the downstairs is done !!! Yay can’t wait as I’m on roll now I aim to finish the painting of the downstairs before I return to work.

* Went out to a movie with DH and since we are big scifi and Fantasy fans we went to Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian and we loved it ! Can’t wait till the next one (there are 7 books so we should have lot’s more good ones to come) which is coming out next year. Till then sweet Prince Caspian 😉

* I’ve cleaned and re-organised the boys rooms, de-cluttered a lot of things. I moved stuff from Michael to Colin’s room as he was determined to keep the fussball table in his room, and they play in Colin’s room a lot so that won’t matter if the toys are over there.

* we got the garden cleaned up, threw a lot away, so we’re almost done just have to relocate some old pots (found them a new home @ Ed’s aunt & uncle) and then it’s cleaned out 😀 .

I’m off

For the day ! I so hate to pack for crops … I never know what to bring and always end up bringing too much …
But now I’m all set and will drive to Ede for the Sis Crop and although I am leaving behing so much work I really need this to keep my sanity, DH has been going to the gym to get some time to himself we’re trying to find our way to relax more and endjoy our hobbies. Hope to show you something that I’ve made this weekend, but then I might just end up chatting and eating way too much and won’t get any scrapping done LOL.

So what work am I leaving behind you might ask, well thankfully only a tiny bit of admin, lot’s of b’day planning for Michael (he would like pokemon party) but explosions about everywhere else in the house I’m afraid. Today I spent most of the day purging the attic, my god we have so much stuff and I have to make some space so DH can start building a spare room for guests (a special one is coming in march and I hope another in june …) and we haven’t even finished the hallway so you can imagine the state of our home …. This will be continued on sunday and we have to bcause we have so much stuff…. But once it’s cleared I’m confident he will get lots done over the next 2 weeks !

Speaking of my DH, last week his blog had his 1 yr anniversery, very funny if you think about it as he made this as a joke and a year later he’s kinda famous in scrapland and almost being published more than me as his 2nd interview for an e-zine is coming up soon. He is however a bit dissapointed about not getting enough comments as you can tell by his post from today …. So leave him a little comment, he’d love to read who his fans are !

I’ll leave you a few photo’s from our recent trip to the efteling, that I’d like to share with you, have a nice weekend !

Back to work

Wow what a difference a good night of sleep will do for me ! Yesterday I went to the orthopedic doc and he gave me some good news (well it’s just how you take it but I was so relieved, as you can imagine). Turns out only my cartilage/gristle (?) is badly damaged and needs time to heal (about 6 more weeks orso and a little help from a physiotherapist).
And damaged it is as my knee only started turning blue a week ago (the accident was om dec. 9th) … I will take a new pic today to show you if you don’t belive me.

These 2 weeks holiday have just gone by so fast. What have we been up to you may ask, well loads;

Seen the Bee Movie

Went to the Zoo

Played lots on the new Wii

DH worked hard on our hallway which is coming along nicely

Treated each little boy to a meal of his choice so 1 x NY pizza and 1x Mac Donalds

Spent a lot of time looking for new lampshades (Wendy would you mind if we got the same lovely green ones as you have ? hihi)

Counted the whole MLS stock (had some help from Corinne and DH which helped so much)

Cleaned out the scraproom (again)

Went to visit Nicole in Geleen (a good opportunity to see if the boys liked each other and they did so we can meetup more, get the boys to play so we can scrap LOL and I got to try out my new mobile with navigator and yay it works like a charm)

Organized the boys rooms (again)

Organized a Baby Shower with Nili for Flo

Sent out all overdue RAKS from my old stash

Gained a bit of weight 😦

Went to the winter Efteling

Got the admin sorted for 2006 (waaaaaaaay overdue)

Washed numerous laundry piles (and I still do not see the bottom of my 4 laundry baskets)

Spent time with friends

Learned not to play 2 consecutive boxing matches on the wii (ouch)

Thought up/Made fun new workshops for jan/feb

What I still need to do SOON;

Organize a Pokemon Party for Michael (all ideas are welcome)

Clean up the attic so Ed can build a guest room for a special guest in March

Lose weight 5 kg = 1 waistsize = no more tight clothes

Get scrapping again ! I just have not had the time and this has to change this year

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a LONG post of all sorts

I’ve been a bit busy have you noticed LOL. I promised you some pics from our weekend away and here’s a compilation, I really like the giraffe one (i have more of those), and the one of colin with the giraffe in the background is awesome except picasa chopped of the sides. There are many many more but I didn’t want to bore you….

Here are some of my other fave’s :

I’ve been really busy with admin and workshops but have managed to scrap a little bit, made a small canvas last night and a cute fall mini album for a workshop I teach. I really love how the album turned out and there aren’t even any pic’s in it yet… Lol. This is a joint project between me and Nicole, we threw some idea’s together and set the sizes and then each of us made it into our own, can’t wait to see her version. Love sharing like this and that’s why I love having such a fab team, we share and don’t mind it if we get inspired from each other and make our own version. Will show a peak soon !

Now I’m assuming everyone reads Corinne’s blog which will mean you will all have read the news we’re planning to get around Holland in the coming year and to start it all off we’re organising a superfun event in 7 & 8 March with the fab Celine Navarro. So excited it’s really going to be well worth it !

On a personal front Michael has been needing a lot of hugs this week as his mouth is really sore … Feel so sorry for him, switching from “babyteeth” to “grown up” is just no fun …. He has another huge abces next to his moulder and we told the dentist we’re not pulling again, it’s just no option he keeps getting this we can’t simply pull them all ….. So we have to go to the hospital and get a surgeon to look at it and take pic’s. Let’s hope he has a solution …..

Also I seem to have aquired an award this week for the webshop with the worst service ever according to one forum. Again another case of “broodje aap” (urban legend), someone starts a thread and states something that wasn’t entirely true and everyone jumps in to shit over it (excuse my language). Oh well you know I’m handling it better than the last time (this is the 2nd thread on the same forum …) and have decided not to let it influence me, I know that people get good service @ MLS. I’m not saying I don’t make a mistake this happens every now and then, as we all can make @ work, but it’s how you deal with it that counts !

I’m busy making preparations to go to the Alliance retreat, trying not to pack as much as last year but DH keeps laughing (as well as the girls when I say this ….) I’ll have to try my hardest I must admit ….. I will try to share my projects and cards before I go !