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working from home

I love working from home, it does come with a few challenges, but seriously it was the best decision I ever made. Friends, family and potential team members often ask me how I do it, what it’s like and I give my Oiled by Nature community (made up of mainly moms) insights and mentor them […]


my everyday oils

So a good friend (and teammember of mine) shared what Young Living products she used inspired me to do the same because I get a lot of questions about it. I just focussed on just the oils that I use on a daily basis,  don’t freak out at the amount it’s a quick ritual, 5 […]


healthy lifestyle part I

For support during exercise or with a very active lifestyle there are various Young Living products you can use. In the next 3 blogposts I will share our personal favorites and how you can use these to support your active lifestyle. In this first post the emphasis will be on fitness activities and how the massage […]


on my bookshelf

A of late I have been collecting a lot of books and I really need to start reading them!! Books for self development: Books for relaxation and flipping through: As you can see there is an e-reader on top (kindle to be specific) as I download most of my reading genre, but the books under […]