Dinner recipe #2

Meatballs with tomato rice and spinach Main course, 4 persons, 30 minutes, recipe from allerhande,per 1p. portion 570 kilocalories, 21 gr. protein, 26 grams fat and 64 grams carbohydrates 2 cloves of garlic300 grams of minced meat1 can of tomatopieces300 gr. rice2 tablespoons of olive oil1 bag of fresh spinach of about 300 grams (we […]


Dinner Recipe # 1

Want to share some recipe’s I’ve found here or there that I’ve been trying with my blog readers. DH and I tried this recipe, our guests loved it, we had some things we’d like to try differently next time (a little less mustard in the saus & the chicken needed more seasoning). Would love to […]