My guitar hero

Michael and Ed started guitar lessons together last year.
After a few performances (Happy Birthday to you for grandma and his dad) Michael enthousiasticly told his teacher at school that he could maybe play something during the monthly show. And here he is with his first official performance, we’re so proud that after only 4 months he’s confident enough to play in front of the entire school including parents.

Way to go Michael, you are my guitar hero !

update bday’s, swimming, crafting

ehm a long one I’m afraid as I haven’t updated since uhm well way too long sorry life got in the way

What’s been going on, well we’ve had a few dinnerparty’s, I did my taxes for 2008 so only one more year to plow through and then it’s bye bye business admin, scrapped a bit, made a cute valentine bunting, oh and of course doing lots of baking which can mostly be seen here …

Colin got his next swimming diploma B, one more to go

Michael had a star wars party, here’s a little slide show of his party

some Love

Oh and for anyone still interested in some London Pics, here’s a quick slide show

wow 8 years sure flew by

Sweet Michael turned 8 today and he came out of bed with the biggest smile I’ve seen since ages in the morning.

He got to open 1 present in the morning a big box of Star Wars Lego and enjoyed the view of his Avatar & flower (for the teachers) cupcakes that he could take to school. DH and I both worked on them and they looked pretty darn cute (as you can see those need some editing but i wanted to share them anyway).

When he got home from school he received his gift from Colin and really loved it, some iron on bead patterns from Pokemon and a pokemon surprise bal that contained a pokemon he didn’t have (the boys really love playing with the little pokemon figures they have).

Then my parents & brother came and they gave him an even BIGGER box of Star Wars Lego and we went out for dinner as tradition calls for and this year Michael surprised us by requesting a pizza dinner so we all went out to the local italian and had a really good time.

Wish us luck tommorow, DH is going into surgery in the morning !

Avatar cupcakes

My son Michael turned 8 and had an Avatar, the last airbender themed party and these were the cupcakes to go with that theme that he treated his classmates to ( I wanted to make “Appa” cupcakes but realised beforehand this would be too timeconsuming to make so many cupcakes with his fuzzy long hair so I copped out and made these avatar arrows …)

These mini flower cupcakes were for the teachers, although the left overs found their way to classmates mouthes too 😉

Let’s play ball

Yep we’re definately a baseball family now…

Not only are DH & Michael totally into it, baseball lingo, rules and comps, Colin has now joined the other peanutball team and I will be helping the coach out on trainings and the competitions, believe me he needs some help as 4 new kids have recently joined besides Colin and a team of 5 year olds are a hand full ….
I just had a double shift at the club ( I have deep fried for the first time in my life and it turned out to be etible …) so I am done for the rest of the peanutball season, now all there is left is for DH and I to join a team ourselves, but I doubt that’s going to happen as we are involved quit enough thank you very much 😉
I haven’t posted in a while and neither has Bubbah or the boys but we’ve been really busy with so much at home we needed a little break. I have been scrapping and I’ll share some projects later this week, oh and you can find my most recent project on the MLS designteam blog, with you. I’ll leave you with another pic that Bubbah made this weekend of M, he’s got a new lens and can’t stop playing …….

Birthday Boy

This cute boy turned 7 today !
He came out of his room with a huge grin and I don’t think that has stopped yet ! We gave him his presents, colin gave him a pokemon duvet cover(dekbedhoes) and we gave him 2 Wii games Avatar and Barnyard (which was a great deal last month so we’ve had them ready for a while) before we went to school with his treats (we made pokemons from candy which he loved seeing this morning) and he chose the restaurant for this evening which will be Burger King (sorry weight watchers LOL).
Tommorow we will host his Pokemon Party and on sunday the big Pokemon birthday bash (notice a pattern LOL).
Please leave him a message on his blog, he just loves it when the counter goes up, but even more if he has a comment ;). Thanks !
* ps. the photo is from Florence Bavinck Photography.