13 is the magic number

Some things I haven’t gotten around to sharing yet and this is the first one :

Michael had a sponsorrun last friday (the 13th) to raise money for a monkeybar of some sorts. He ran 13 laps, we were very proud and made a lot of photo’s of course. Still amazes me on how many parents are camera less on these kinds of events. It is usually us, the headmaster or a teacher and 1 or 2 more parents …. Wel we made enough photo’s of the other grades to compensate LOL. Here are some pic’s to give you an impression …..


7 thoughts on “13 is the magic number

  1. Geweldige foto’s Daan! Logisch dat ‘ie trots was (en jullie ook natuurlijk!)… Enne… je krijgt (hopelijk vandaag al) de primeur van de knopenlo hoor! 😉


  2. Looks like a fun day! I have to admit I forgot to bring my camera last thursday when my DD had a presentation at school. Can you believe that…. aarrhhggg 😦


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