Just a girl with goals


I used to be someone that did it all.
I sent bday cards, or digitally sent congrats.
I worked out at least 3 x a week.
I worked my business like a boss.
I planned, was structured and stress resistant.
I was a bubbly person.
I was a morning person.
I was young for my age.
I was supportive and positive.
I enjoyed spring.
I was outgoing.
I was all those things that I do not seem to be anymore…. Most days are PJ days.
Most days are days filled with tears.
Most days I feel like an old lady with my aching joints.
Most days I want to stay in bed, which I do half of the day.
Most days I don’t work at all.
Most days a walk into town is like I ran half a marathon.
Most days I see only fall.
Most days I think people are stupid and whiners, like me …. But this is not me, this is not who I want to be and this is not who I am going to stay!

In 7 days I will be explanting my toxic boobs, will get a reconstruction and start to heal. Start to find my way back and become the me I was, but 2.0 as I have plans to get not only my body back on track but my mind as well.
I am taking even more charge of my health and I will start detoxing my body, mind and soul before I am 50 because we all know that’s when life really starts 😉 Nobody could figure it out, so I did it myself because friends and friends of friends shared their journey. So I am paying it forward by sharing my journey and not just my picture perfect social media life.

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