about cooking & painting (long one …)

Don’t you think this guy is such a sweetie ?

and we have his new book

You see Friday evening we had a Christmas dinner ith DH’s work at a castle in woerden ! Well sort of as we got a startercourse every hour starting @ 20.30 (thank god we had a snack @ 18.00) a dj who played music made way before he was born ….. a speech and a lot of employees that I didn’t know … Thank goodness I remembered a few from last times. Anyway they always give a gift at the end and this year it was the kookbook, hmmm I have a feeling about what’s going to be in the xmas package this year.

We got in rather late so our plan to start sanding & painting bright and early in the bathroom sort of went up the river really. Tonight we will be pampered by our friends Cor & Irma with dinner and a nice evening so we can pretty much work until we get hungry and really have to go. **edited**Bathroom is almost done, just one more coat of paint & we took a raincheck, C&I forgot our appointment so we went out for falafel which we hadn’t done for ages**

Tommorowmorning I’m going for a run (yes you read it correctly) as my sweet friend Wendy has given me a great goal to work for. The Nike Ladies Run 2007 ! I’ve been in the first, second and third edition but haven’t been for quite some time …. And this will be just the thing to get my rythm back (well I hope since I signed up for the 10 km …..LOL). I hope some more of my friends, who run too, will join in, actually I expect one to join in because it’s mandatory …. We’ll see April 1st (and it won’t be a fools day ), here’s a bit of proof that once I was a bit of a runner, can you spot me anywhere ? LOL

After I’ve caught my breath I’m going for a crop at my friend Flo’s house, oooh full day of scrapping I hope to get something done, but hey you know me LOL. And then off to a concert with mommy and I can’t tell you where we are going as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for her, I’ll let you know on monday though.

And how you might wonder can she do all this with 2 demanding M&M’s ? THEY ARE NOT HERE !!! LOL. They are spending the weekend with their grandparents, it was time for their monthly sleepover. This time in the new house so Michael was pretty excited ! So here’s a little shout out for my parents :

Thanks you guys for doing this for us, you know how much we appreciate it !

9 thoughts on “about cooking & painting (long one …)

  1. Yes a total sweetie! We had dinner at his restaurant in Amsterdam this afternoon. Every Sunday between 3 and 6, kids can bake their own choc chip cookies. It was fun. And the inside is so cool, I already talked to the owner (ok one of our friends is a mate so that help) and I can go there for a photo session. The urban modern & hip type, so I’m happy…I’ve got a family who’s game!!!Anyway, you’re my hero, a real superwoman!!! Great parents too! Enjoy.


  2. Oh wat stoer dat je dat gaat doen, daar heb ik nu echt bewondering voor. Gewoon wandelen draai ik mijn hand niet voor om, 25 km loop ik zo. Maar hardlopen??? dat krijg ik met mijn astmatische toestanden echt niet voor elkaar :)En dat boek van Jamie?? WOW dat wil ik ook wel, vind het zo’n cutie :)gr Alette


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