Latin Village 2007

Had so much fun yesterday ! I was invited by my friend Martine (thanks sweetie !) to go to Latin Village for a day of fun, good music, dancing (from 15.00 till 23.00!) beautiful people and great dj’s (Laidback Luke rocked the last slot @ the main stage !). We had great weather and our wellingtons (we had some cuties on) made sure the earlier rain didn’t get our feet wet & muddy (typing this I’m thinking why in gods name didn’t we take a pic of our feet sjeeesh….). Martine, Charmaine, Julz & Chantal thanks I had a blast !

1 thought on “Latin Village 2007

  1. KLinkt helemaal goed! En wat een geweldige foto’s in de vorige post! Doet me aan een verhaal denken dat ik als kind als spook verkleed naar school ging en in een plas modder viel…..


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