he looks so cute

don’t you think so ? Boy he is losing teeth so fast he looks so different when he opens his mouth. 2 more are already loose, the other upperfront tooth and the bottom cornertooth on the right.

Oh and DH has been playing with Adobe Lightroom, some seriously cool effects can be made with that. Check out this pic, I look ok even though I have the flu …

I was so happy with my DD , for those who missed it :

The other DD babes rocked it too ! You can see what they made here, and I’m sure you can live up to this dare, c’mon give it a try !

5 thoughts on “he looks so cute

  1. Love it, so funny when they get “big peoples” teeth. Mostly way too big for their faces… You look stunning in this pict… as in most pictures I’ve seen from you! Ed is lucky to have such a good model! Did you make a choise on which camera to buy?? Hopefully I can buy my own before the end of the year… that is if nothing else in our house falls apart… Hope you have a great weekend!!


  2. The kids really look different when they start to lose their teeth. Love this picture.I also like your picture. My compliments to Ed. And of course to you too, because you had to model for this one. :-))


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