I did it all

Well almost all during our fall break;

*pumpkin decorating
* Lego World
* purging in the attic (that went really well)
* spending a day with mommy
* wrote all bday cards on time !

The downpricing in the store didn’t happen, didn’t plan the crop yet, no research on italy yet. But 5 things out of the 7 that I had planned, that’s not bad !

And the week after was such a busy week, every evening was booked I was really tired this weekend but had just enough energy to go to the Piens Album Track, great to have an album almost finished ! And this brings me back to some more scrapping which has been on the backburner a bit since I just wasn’t in the mood for a while. I didn’t join in the dutch dare although I had a pretty good one I could make and I will sometime but you really should check out what the rest of the Design team did !

Now I’m off to bed as I have the flu….

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