What kind of cupcake are you ?

I took a test at The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz (you can take the test by clicking on the link, let me know what kind of cupcake you are I’d love to know !)

And I’m a Copacabana Cupcake ….
“Pineapple vanilla cake, mango buttercream, rolled in coconut and topped with a pineapple wedge. Always in fashion!”

You are the life of the party, the belle of the ball… the frosting on the cupcake! You love to party, to socialize, and you are not afraid to make your own fun. People are drawn to your amiable nature and sense of humor, and you have never been known to badmouth a friend because you like everybody. The epitome of an optimist, you keep spirits up in dark times and your smile is infectious.

So what do you think ?

3 thoughts on “What kind of cupcake are you ?

  1. oeh… I am AN The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz Pancakes and Syrup Cupcake “you won’t believe it: a pancake cupcake topped with maple buttercream, available with or without a piece of local bacon” You are very laid back and very traditional. You like to spend your free time lounging around in flannel pajamas, sipping hot coffee and reading by the fireplace. Nothing much perturbs you, and you settle household disputes through “family conferences” around the kitchen table. Family is important to you, and during the holidays, your house is always full of relatives!


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