Star Wars Party

For his 9th birthday Michael’s party theme was star wars as he loves his star wars lego. 

Cupcakes for school treats; chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, white chocolate spread and fondant circles.

The star wars cake, a story in itself ….

 I had everything planned how to, was on time with everything except the ordering of the cakesupplies. The fondant came way to late so I had to improvise. My friend was able to supply me with marzipan (yuck and so no fun to work with when you’re used to fondant) for the top part of the cake. And I made swiss merengue buttercream for the bottom cake, and omg this was so much easier and so delicious. Never making other buttercream again ! The top cake has vanilla merengue buttercream & cherry jam the bottom cake has chocolate mousse and strawberry jam.

Michael loved it though and the party with his friends was a blast too!
Watching a star wars movie of his choice, destroying a Death Star pinata and decorating star wars cookies to take home. 

We baked the  cookies the day before and we made the icing on the day itself. They took them home in pizza boxes because they needed to dry. 


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