Surfer Dudes

Here are some before and after pics of my 2 dudes, they are not too good as I’m testing my new camera and Colin never stands still !

As you can see by the smiles, perfectly trained kids of a scrapper ……..
Fresh clean cut’s but not too short!

As you can see on the 1st photo, they always scream cheese for the camera (which always cracks up strangers) but they got candy here so there’s no time to smile for mommy…..

I’ve just been to the theater, really funny, dutch guy called Jochem Myjer, very busy guy who almost peed his pants himself tonight because part of a sketch didn’t quite go like the script. Always great going out for a laugh.

I’m meeting Revlie friday evening, to chat about her scrapbooking and I’m looking forward to it ! See you then, I’ll have thee, the Blond Mugs and cookies waiting for you !

Oh and some good news, Ed will be starting on the studio this weekend, fingers crossed !


  1. rev

    Your boys are the cutest ever!! Really. Maybe we can make a match with my little Sanne, haha! And looking forward to see you (and the yummy cookies!!) on Friday!

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