Long weekend

Had a really nice weekend with lots of fun things, that lasted until today ! Back to work tommorow, but only for 2 days yeah !

Went to a lovely country estate in a nearby village, was really nice. They had some activities for the kiddies and lots of fun stalls for mommies ! Meanwhile at home, Ed was working hard in the garden ….

I bought this cute thing (for 6 euro’s can you believe it ?):

and the boys painted 2 little animal statues for Ed:

Went for dinner with friends, can you believe I forgot my camera … It was fun, my friend booked the lounge couch in Lulu (an oriental restaurant in Rotterdam), food & company was great, the lounge couch hmmm I think we were all a bit too long legged for that (especially for the ones who had worked in the garden that day)…Slept in as the m&m’s slept at my mother’s. Went swimming with the kids and had a birthday party.

Did some scrapping, still finishing projects which is good I’m on a roll so I’ll have something to show soon. Oh and Michael scrapped for the 1st time today, he was so happy as he loves to create. He picked out everything himself (photo’s, paper, embellishements while giggling etc) rubbed the rub ons, stamped everything with just a minimum of help from me. I’m so proud and have an album just for him to fill up !

He liked bunching up the embellishements to resemble mickey ears …..


  1. bookit

    it sounds like you had a great weekend…especially as you got to do all the fun stuff and leave your DH doing the hard work in the garden! lol
    love that layout…too cute!

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