My 2 big boys

Have to say something about my 2 big boys ! Colin is becoming potty trained, he has tiny accidents but they are becoming less frequent ! Since last week there are days that he can stay dry all day and he’s so proud (and we are too). Michael went for his swimming lesson today and he came out of the dressing room with candy (which means he did well, they all get it ;-).) SO when Ed said you must have really tried your best today, he was really negative and said it didn’t go well at all. Turns out he was unhappy about not being able to swim on his back without his floaty thingies (hihi can’t think of the word ), can you imagine, we were amazed that he didn’t even have them on, he’s only been swimming for 4 months …..So we told him how proud we were, that it was so good that he could do that which made him glow again. Wow some milestones are being made here….

Oh and I am very busy with a lot of things…. Scrapping (still finishing of projects hope to show something soon), a new newsletter, setting up a design team call (very excited about this, I’m very happy with my current design team but I would love some more help and a bigger team so I can maybe take a step back in the team to get a better balance) and I’m going to be at a creative market in Haarlem with a stall next weekend so I have to prepare.


  1. Anonymous

    so cool on the potty training — we are at a point where victor will tell us sometimes when he has to go, and sometimes he won’t — but he’s becoming aware!!!

  2. D@nielle

    Hi Francine, I want to post it everywhere haha but I’m still thinking about that. Of course I’d like to get the whole scrappers community to see it, want to have the pick of the crop 😉 So if anyone has ideas on that please let me know ! BTW I heard you know Maaike ? Email me with any suggestions !

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