What’s going on ….

So every once in a while I take some photo’s that I really like, here are 2 …..

And this is how our fathersday started out ….

The boys decorated some cool things; a magazine holder and a beer glass. We also gave Ed a new bathrobe (limegreen) and a funny book with quotes (Dad’s are mom’s with balls from Daphne Deckers).

Oh and this is what I’m working on at the moment, almost finished just need to add journaling, doodling etc.

And something else is going on, but still developing, something to help me get more balance in my life …. But can’t share it yet …..


  1. Janna

    hey girl!beautiful children!! beautiful pics of your family!! glad you had a lovely father’s day… we’re just about to have our family father’s day barbeque! i just have to say i LOVE your little mini album… TOO CUTE! like to hear about what your ‘news’ will be, i’ll be back!! good luck to you!have a wonderful day!janna

  2. Marinka

    Hi, came here through your comment on my blog…. love your photo’s and your writing style! Oh and… your comment on my work is much more appreciated now I see your beautiful work!MarinkaPS: can I link your blog (if you want you can link mine too)?

  3. bookit

    oh…i can’t stand secrets!!!! argg…tell, TELL!!!!maybe it’s something i can take on board as i need some balance too!?!how cute of the boys to make gifts for their dad and what a cute little mini book you made!anitax

  4. Fleur

    Haha je weet de lezers wel te binden! Nu kom ik zeker vaak terug om te kijken! Mooie foto’s, prachtige boekjes!(Mijn engels is niet zodanig dat ik denk; ik schrijf een commentaar in het engels. Ik hoop niet dat je het erg vindt, want nu kunnen jouw lezers niet allemaal mijn comment zien…..)GroetjesFleur

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