The Flu

Sucks …Yes I have the flu and combined with another problem I’ve been dealing with for a while (tiny recurring health issue) I am not a happy camper at all ! One good thing, Ed is also at home with the flu so at least I’m not alone lying in my bed feeling sorry for myself, but sharing it. Yes as soulmates should share everything……
What also sucks is that everything is piling up around me (washing, dirty dishes and other fun stuff) and we just don’t have the energy to deal with it. Thank god my help is coming tommorow ! Even going to the pharmacy is a big thing… need to rest after that. I am getting some journaling and reading done in between naps, so that’s the only good thing come out of this.


  1. Fleur

    Ik hoop dat je je vandaag al een stuk beter voelt. Of dat zieke nummer twee al helemaal beter is! Heel veel sterkte. O ja, de schoonmaakster was er vandaag; hopelijk heeft dat wonderen gedaan!

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