Skiing, swimming and blowing bubbles

Michael had his 1st skilesson (advanced this year) saturday and he had lots of fun, didn’t forget too much since our ski trip in february. A small class only 3 boys so they got plenty of attention, he even learnt how to ski backwards, we were very impressed.

Sundaymorning we went swimming and tested out the new swimming goggles, Michael had lots of fun with them and wouldn’t take them of (we could tell this evening as the imprint/redness is still there) Colin didn’t want to wear them as he thought they were too tight, I guess that may have been the problem with Michael too … oops.

Since we had some really nice weather we could finally play outside (it’s been raining all week and will again next week) and use the new bubble tools. We made some great photo’s, and some photo’s Ed made are great as usual. I’ve been convincing him to take a photography course, he takes some cool photo’s (and besides that he always thinks about taking some scrapbook photo’s for me the sweetie).

Unfortunately the day ended slightly different than we had planned, a spontanious BBQ became just dining out since we didn’t have our bbq … but it was great nonetheless but then Colin was not feeling wel and all of a sudden had a fever. now that I think back for 2 days he hasn’t been eating that well, complaining about a tummy already being too full, but I thought he was exaggerating since he never complained whilst eating fruit or cookies only with lunch & dinner. Bad mommy !!! So how was your weekend ?


  1. Marlies

    Beautiful pics – how sweet your hubby is to provide you with scrapbooking photo material!

    Sorry you had a rough week before filled with bad news – hope things have brightened up by now.

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