A sneeze lo

Someone close recently said she had the feeling she sneezed on a lo with some material ….. Obviously she wasn’t happy with her endresult and although it wasn’t her usual it was a nice lo. Well I know her feeling, my dutch dare is up and is feels like I sneezed (since I have a cold I could seriously pass it off like this …….) and I am not happy, maybe there’s too much or maybe not enough of one thing but I’m just not happy. Maybe I’ll change it a bit, maybe not, but I will be putting this in my whatwasIthinking album …….

BUT the other ladies have done FAB jobs with their Dutch Dares, go check them out and PLEASE SHOW us what you made as we have found out there are subgroups that are playing the Dutch dares and only showing each other. We as a group are a bit sad as I stumbeled across one of them and it looked so great ! And everyone loves winning a great RAK ?!


  1. Anonymous

    I think you sneezed everything into the right place sweetie!! Cos i sure love it, the colorscheme, the b/w photo’s and alle the stitching on it!! But if it doesn’t feel right to you, well look at it again in a few days from now and you’ll cough up something new LOL

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