George Michael rocks

Totally unexpected I was able to purchase some last minute tickets thanks to an early birthday pressie from my parents (thanks sooo much you guys you rock !) and it was the most fun I’d had at a concert in a long time (thanks for coming with me Edith and Wendy & Jos for having the patience sms’ing and waving so we could find you there LOL) .

Don’t get me wrong I loved all the concerts I’ve seen this year so far, but this was such a party probably bcause of all the great songs that bring back so many memories 😉 He had a great stage with super light effects and designs (hmm the scrapbooker in me loved that !) and he had sort of a catwalk thing going on so when he came to the front of the stage he was about 7 mtrs away, the funny thing was it looks so close but when we made a pic it looked so far ….
Not too happy about his last cd though, bit too disco ? but his fab voice makes up for that. And btw I just love how he dances, yes I cannot help it I have a bit of a crush on a gay guy …..

Tommorow I’ll share some scrapping I’ve been doing, mainly cards (my little brother turned 19 this week) for some special people and a little project for Michael’s school (that I HAVE to do tonight as it’s teachers day tommorow where they celebrate all the b’days in one day).

Oh and we moved the dutch dares up a week due to some other things going on but wanted to keep you busy in the meantime so check this out !


  1. Ingrid

    “yes I cannot help it I have a bit of a crush on a gay guy …..”

    I have the same, Daniëlle. LOL! I went to see him in Ahoy last November, and he is fabulous. What a great performer. He has such a great voice, and yes, he can dance. I love him!! Good to hear you had a good time.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi There…first time to your blog. I had to comment because all this time, I thought I was the only George Michael fan still out there…and yes, I’m over 40! Oh, happy Day!

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