DD #29

Thanks everyone for their concern about my knee. It’s still a bit stiff and awkward but getting better every day. Driving the car is no option yet and I won’t be jogging anyday soon though …. I’ve been a bit stressed about getting the christmas cards and because I was in such a hurry I totally forgot to add a personal message and didn’t realize till I had posted them … pffff … please don’t take it personal anyone ! I really wanted to make my own this year as I do every year but I was running out of time and really needed to mail them.

Michael had to have a short stay in the hospital yesterday, 2 baby moulders had to be removed (due to repeated abces) under a short anesthetic and it went really well.

The new Dutch Dare is online and I have been wanting to make a lo with this picture for the longest time but never got around to it. And with our dare I just had to use it, and it’s working out really nice. I still have to add the journaling somewhere/somehow so if you have any suggestions please let me know, I just couldn’t figure it out anymore yesterday, unfortunately I always make the dares on a tightdeadline. Oh and I love what the other girls made ! Here’s a sneak peak, check out the rest of my LO & the other girls here.


  1. Splashes of Pink and Mint

    Owww…. wat een ongelukkige val! Hopelijk gaat het nu wat beter met je knie, het zag er niet zo lekker uit! En ik wilde je bedanken voor je link in je vorige post, hardstikke lief van je! Ik hoop echt, dat je strakjes heerlijk in je huis bezig kunt zijn en dat het wordt, zoals jij wilt dat het wordt! Enne…. wel foto’s laten zien hè! Want ik ben natuurlijk bloed-nieuwsgierig!

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