Life & Health has been kicking my butt

Over the last half year life has really been kicking my butt and now my health is too. For those close to me you’ve already heard it, i’ve been bedridden for 2 weeks & 2 antibiotics due to pleurisy (nl=pleuritis), appearantly because I had a stomach problem my immune system (which lets face it is bad as is) was low and wham I get hit with an ancient inflamation.
Being tired is really getting to me now that my head & the rest is starting to clear up, very slowly i might add.

So what do you do when you can do nothing and have no energy to pick up a book ? You watch tv/movies, online that is. So far I’m all caught up with desperate housewives (saw season 3 through 5), ghost whisperer (4 episodes), greys anatomy (2 episodes), Penelope, Make it happen. And now I’m on to bloglines which has been waiting since i was back from our wonderful holiday in turkey.

And going through bloglines, through all my fave party, bake & design blogs this preview really cheered me up. I think all you bloggers & food lovers will love this too.

I’ll be back soon as i get better & more energy!


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