Recharging with scrapchica’s

Since I’ve been scrapbooking I’ve met lot’s of fun, warm & creative women but with a few I’ve kept in touch more than others. We’d see each other at scrapworkshops, chat online or get together for an evening every now and to scrap. Yet with so many busy lives we rarely all could make it to a date at the same time.

So last year I decided we should try and solve that so we tried to find a date ( works wonders for that btw), I found a great house near the beach and the waiting game began.

Until this weekend that is 🙂

We laughed, cried, almost peed in our pants, chatted, created, posed (lot’s and lots of great photo’s came from this), primped, ate too much, exchanged gifts, cooked, baked, did whatever we wanted, lost sleep and still recharged our batteries.

(photo’s by Delis Photography, collage by Marsha)

A weekend that brought each and everyone what they needed whether it was some time to finish things, start things up, experiment a little or just work on a project without being disturbed … And that’s what it’s all about, 8 different women connecting and being themselves and everyone being ok with that.

Thanks girls for an amazing weekend, let’s do it again next year !

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