My Nanna

My nanna (Ali Rosbergen – van der Ende) passed away last friday, she was 89, and we will be saying our goodbye’s to her today.

It’s hard to be honest I’ve been numb since friday …. I will miss her, she was the only Oma I had and for the boys it’s their first loss to deal with so that’s pretty difficult too.

I’ve had many sweet messages when i told people via FB, and one person said this and I thought it was so true as I did feel that. I hope when I have grandchildren I can make them feel this too, I know my parents make sure my boys do !

Grandpa’s and grandma’s are special, they are unconditionally proud of their grandchildren and as a grandchild you feel that.

This is a totally spontanious picture a friend took on my wedding day as I was chatting with my oma.


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