{ My Breast Implants, Explant }

My surgery was on May 24th and went very well, Dr. Frank Niessen operates in Operatiecentrum Amstelveen where they have a great team, very sweet and caring and a private nurse since it wasn’t a very busy day only 2 other ladies after me. whilst prepping they kept me very relaxed, even when it was super hard to find my vain and i was slapped on the hand one too many the other anesthesiologist was there to distract me and hold my other hand.

I meditated and listen to as much relaxing mantra’s as I could before surgery and I came out like I was having a really nice nap with a nice dream. I was allowed to home the same day but they made sure I drank, ate (i brought some bananas), had a bathroom break and another nap. After that its all cycle of (all assisted obviously) bathroom breaks, feeding and outfit changes. Big thank you’s to the hubs and my mom for the 24/7 care even when it’s 5 am ….

The pain was not at all what I expected in a positive way mind you. My lipo areas felt like i did an Ab Bootcamp from hell and my incisions had a burning sensation but never in any pain. As for meds apparently i should have taken aspirin morning of the surgery, since I had none that would have been difficult but they added it to my IV.
They gave me 3 prescriptions which my husband went to get just in case things would be bad over the weekend, but didn’t end up needing them because I was able to use what I always rely on for support with soreness, aches, discomfort and my immune system; Young Living essential oils….

Details: I explanted 240 cc mentor textured saline implants, I had a reconstruction and 130 cc lipofilling (fat from other places, I had plenty to spare). The explant and lipo was the easy part but according to the surgeon, the reconstruction was the tricky part since my tissue was a bit tough. Just like me I guess🤷‍♀️
Had my first checkup and although the surgeon was in shock I was so weak he was happy with the results so far, so am I, even though I am black and blue in all the places.
Fingers crossed my fat likes it’s new location!

So what’s different since I explanted? Biggest thing is I could take a deep breath for the first time in months without coughing up all kinda nasty gunk. It even happened right before surgery so imagine my surprise when I got out of surgery and I could breathe deeply with ease. Then there’s my pregnancy like water retention in hands and feet, that was good as gone in 2 days so I lost a bit of weight already, my itchy scalp is history, my skin is oiling up again (very noticeable in my face), no joint pain so far and I’m feeling happier, less depressed!

All the rest takes time and that’s fine they didn’t pop up from one day till the other it just came on board slowly in stealth mode over the course of 2,5 years.
Still needing lots of rest & sleep but I went for a tiny walk around the block today to enjoy the sun and i can get out of bed by myself and i shower regularly so all in all #gratefulaf that I can start healing from #breastimplantillness


{ just a girl with goals }


I used to be someone that did it all.
I sent bday cards, or digitally sent congrats.
I worked out at least 3 x a week.
I worked my business like a boss.
I planned, was structured and stress resistant.
I was a bubbly person.
I was a morning person.
I was young for my age.
I was supportive and positive.
I enjoyed spring.
I was outgoing.
I was all those things that I do not seem to be anymore…. Most days are PJ days.
Most days are days filled with tears.
Most days I feel like an old lady with my aching joints.
Most days I want to stay in bed, which I do half of the day.
Most days I don’t work at all.
Most days a walk into town is like I ran half a marathon.
Most days I see only fall.
Most days I think people are stupid and whiners, like me …. But this is not me, this is not who I want to be and this is not who I am going to stay!

In 7 days I will be explanting my toxic boobs, will get a reconstruction and start to heal. Start to find my way back and become the me I was, but 2.0 as I have plans to get not only my body back on track but my mind as well.
I am taking even more charge of my health and I will start detoxing my body, mind and soul before I am 50 because we all know that’s when life really starts 😉 Nobody could figure it out, so I did it myself because friends and friends of friends shared their journey. So I am paying it forward by sharing my journey and not just my picture perfect social media life.

{ It’s in our nature }


What women do when they feel something is off, with their minds, their body, their life.
They blame it on stress, or previous stress, on hormones, on their busy lives on everything other than what it could be. Especially if you doctor can’t find an explanation in your bloodwork and you seem perfectly healthy. But we never think it could be because of our breast implants, even the doctors don’t seen to think of that. Why would they everyone claims they are safe right?
Well newsflash, they are lying! If you have breast implants please research them and if you are suffering from unexplainable issues, do yourself a favor and think about explanting.
Not everyone that gets implants feels off right away, heck it didn’t happen till my second set and crazy enough I wasn’t planning getting them. But the plastic surgeon convinced me it was my best option to feeling normal and that they were perfectly safe. Yeah right….. 2,5 years these perfectly safe saline breast implants turned out to be Mentor implants, textured and not as safe as they are supposed to be. So this month I am getting an explant, a reconstruction so I can heal my body from the vast amount of symptoms that I thought were simply there because of my season in my life.





{ Sharing is caring }

LA muur hartjes ik me.jpg

Disclaimer : to begin let me make it clear that I’m not against plastic surgery. If it will help you live a happier life go for it. Also not sharing this to offend, shame or upset anyone that has had plastic surgery. And a gentle reminder, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t ….

I’m sharing because when others shared their story so publicly it helped me connect the dots. A long list of my unexplained health issues can be linked to Breast Implant Illness (BII)

After visiting a naturopath he just knew how many of my unexplained symptoms were connected but not where it came from, however after discussing it with him and my doctor we all concurred there is only one thing causing them!
So this week I will consult with a surgeon about having my breast implants removed.

Now some may think this is crazy, there is no proof and that’s true however my body is in constant war mode yet there’s nothing to fight, I believe it is doing what it’s made for…. fighting foreign objects.
And I can tell the difference because this is the 2nd set of implants I have had….

You see by the time I was 18 my breasts had developed differently and I was given breast implants to make them look a bit more average. I had them for a long time, too long but they held up fine for 24 yrs. However a surgeon consulting on a ruptured implant (of someone close to me) said I had to remove them asap and to be honest I felt so rushed I didn’t consider my options nor get a second opinion and had them replaced. This was in Dec 2013, which feels like another lifetime ago, actually it was another lifestyle ago!

Now I know better, I want to do better and have them removed, permanently and hopefully some form of reconstruction. By no means an easy decision, after all I didn’t get them without reason…. it was never about bigger boobs it was always about more body confidence, feeling like a normal woman.

This is only part of the story, I will document my journey on social media, again not to shame or shock people, not to seek attention! But with the hope of helping anyone with breast implants that has unexplained health issues, to know they are not crazy and there is a chance to heal your body as I have seen others do.

Here is where my explant journey starts…