Yes I still Scrapbook !

For the ones who were wondering yes I still scrapbook, and I’m actually finally finishing some projects.
This lo is for my dt challenge, make an interview lo, and since I not only tagged my friends but also my “little bro” I had a great subject. I prefer the left page but hey I cannot put 56 Q&A on one page…. I even had to leave some of but I picked out the ones I liked most.

And here’s a sneak preview to another page that I’m working on that involves my brother and a technique challenge, can you spot 5 of them ?


  1. Anonymous

    hai Danielle,

    Die onderste is ook prachtig zeg! Mooi, wat voor techniek bedoel je daarmee?

    Groetjes, Jolanda (die even aan het bijlezen is na haar vakantie…)

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