Life’s a rollercoaster

So this post was in the works in my head but it just never seemed to make it into blogger so I antidated it to keep the flow going ….

Talking of flows , we did not do that very well into the new year, things are a bit ups and downs so I’ve been very busy trying to stay positive (which unfortunately does not come naturally to me but is something I have to work hard at) & keep all the balls from crashing on me ! And so I thought I’d share some stuff as not everyone is aware of the stuff that’s going on and hey if you were wondering why stuff is quiet or why I’m not calling, mailing, updating blogs or inviting you this is why….. but to keep it a bit upbeat I’ll try and list something “UP” with every “Downer” as I’m trying to stay positive …..

Ups : Had a really good 2 weeks christmas holiday and got a lot done on my todo list like sort out DH closet, paint the doors of the boys with magnetpaint (3 layers and I’m doing one more), reorganised our clotheswardrobe so all of our bedlinnen fits in so we could sell our chest of drawers (our bedroom is looking more feng shui and less crowded), gave my mothers bedroom a extreme makeover in 2 days while my stepdad was in Canada and had fun with the boys.

Down: in the last week of the year we found out DH kneeproblem wasn’t going away (it played up again after de makeover)and he needs surgery on the 30th … It’s his meniscus/patella and they also think that his partilage/gristle is damaged due to all the active sports he used to do when he was younger (like basketball, iceskating, judo, wing chung, american football, baseball, body building, jogging) so he’s been in quite some pain since then as the dokters like to pull and bend etc. and he took a wrong turn with his back last weekend due the funny walk he has developed to take the edge off the pain.

Up: We’ve bought a new chair & footstool from ikea

Down : I’ve lost a brandnew redken rough past tube while shopping, I put it on the counter while paying at H&M and forgot to take it with me when I left ….

Up: We bought a couch from IKEA and it was delivered the same day

Down : the couch is damaged so we’re not sitting on it, hoping to hear from IKEA tommorow !

UP : I got my first order for birthday cupcakes and the birthday girl exclaimed they were totally what she wanted 🙂

Down : Just yesterday we received a HUGE bill from the watercompany of 3000 euro, which totally freaked me out, bcause apearantly our meter thinks we own a swimming pool ….. God I sincerely hope this gets sorted because I don’t want to shed any more tears on this than i did from shock….

UP: My 2nd attempt at Red Velvet Cupcakes (I converted the recipe myself this time) and OMG I totally get the addiction ! Great therapy that baking …. see downer above ….

Down: The scrapbooking industry is on it’s ass (pardon the language) over here in the NL the shops are dropping like flies …. this might into an upper but I haven’t found that so far …..we’ll have to wait and see.

UP: I got the custest thank you gifts for my dt in and I can’t wait to see what they think

DOWN: During december I found out I haven’t been working enough hours in a week for the salary I’m being paid. A mistake in my contract and nobody (not even me) ever noticed it, now I have to work 4 more hours …..

UP : I don’t have to pay back the 2 years of overpay

DOWN: I have to work even more hours because my colleague and I weren ever told by my boss to keep up a timesheet that calculates the worked hours in comparison with the holidays we get and if we don’t want to work most of the summer holiday we have to work even more hours a week. I’m working 2 more a week and will probably have to work about a week in the summer holiday.

UP: we were invited to a fun new years party.

DOWN: So I work 25 hours a week now, besides having my own scrapbook store and a family

UP: I rearranged my hours so we only have 1 day we cannot pick up the kids and only have that day to organise whoever can to do it.

DOWN: I’ve gained a bit of weight over the holiday that I lost through all the fly so it’s back on the health regime asap.

UP : We booked our summer holiday and we’re going at the end of april LOL

DOWN: Mom’s nek is still a big problem, she’s getting a new consult from a neurologist

UP : She’s taking the train to come see me and help us out where she can with admin and cleaning up around the house (I’m so grateful for the help bcause with all the hours I’m working now I just don’t have enough time in the day)

DOWN: we had a very emotional Michael over the holidays, try to imagine a little boy who’s already an emotional little kid but x 10 bcause of the holidays. While we’re at xmas dinner eating chicken, which he thought was fish at first, and feeling sorry for the fish he suddenly begins sobbing for 30 minutes about our cat that died 3 years ago … Still with me ? This happens every now and then, he misses her and the bomb exploded during dinner. Then a few days later because I wanted to take his picture and he refused. Now I have to tell you our boys rarely pose for us and I just couln’t get it so I tried bribing, being stern nothing worked and he got really angry and after I put him in the hallway to cool down we had a chat and it turns out he hates being an older brother because he thinks he has to do everything perfect. Which he doesn’t have to but because of his competitive and perfectionistic nature he thinks so and this makes his life harder than it has to be….. Boy this parenting thing is hard !

UP: he’s finally settled into his new class as he was had a hard time adapting to 2 pt teachers & a new teaching method in this grade. Still doing brilliantly at his academic work, above average.

UP: Colin started swimming lessons in december and he’s doing amazing ! 2 x a week is a lot of driving up and down to heemstede but worth it by seeing how well he’s doing.

DOWN: the theatre show we were going to with the kids got cancelled last minute and will not be rescheduled.

UP: The boys loved all their gifts from Sinterklaas and Santa. Fave is their new pj’s, books, underwear and MP4 player with favorite songs and stories (Michael = old rock & house and Colin = sinterklaas & smurf songs).

DOWN: Car repairs costs were way more than we expected, aren’t they always ?

UP: Tradition is that kids get a bit of money for new years from the grandparents but this year we also received a financial gift from my parents, that was so sweet of them and unexpected.

DOWN : I broke a mirror this month ….

UP: Thanks to my mom’s help and Ed being at home to recouperate from his operation in a few weeks, it looks like we could get our taxes for 2007 & 2008 in on time 🙂

Down: I didn’t go iceskating at all …..

UP: the boys did and that was a blast, so cool to see them getting into it !

DOWN: I had a huge fight with my brother on the day before xmas

UP: I read a book this month and plan to get more reading time in as I loved totally sinking into a story

DOWN: I lost a whole sheet of 50 postage stamps …. Bought them, walked to the next store in a shopping mall and lost them ….

UP: I really did make xmas gifts, mini albums for the granparents and my godparents of our latest photoshoot.

DOWN: I’m still mourning over things that happened a long time ago, or 5 years ago and cannot let things go. It’s in my nature I just cannot shrugg things off when they happen, I need to wallow, adjust and then move on, but it’s never ever forgotten ……I think I need therapy, but what kind ?

UP: I received a small payment from the insurance as compensation for my year of pain & weight gain due to the car accident.

DOWN: I have the working mommy syndrome; I feel guilty for not having enough time for the kids, not enough energey for them, for DH, for me…. it’s getting worse every year ….

UP: Had a fab time at a junksale with Daphne and we’re definately doing that again soon !

Uhm I think that’s it for now, enough complaining and I have my fingers crossed for no more setbacks, as I really want to have more fun 2009. You know it actually helps to write it down bcause as I did I found I do have more ups than downs although it didn’t feel like it before ! THANKS for letting me share and if you need to share you know where to find me !!!!


  1. Daffie Online

    uhm….therapy.. shopping therapy? No..just kidding.. with that waterbill that isn’t such a good idea.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you, even if it is just going to a junksale together 🙂

  2. Astrid

    DAt is ook toeval (of bestaat dat niet??) Ik bedacht mij vanmorgen, volgens mij heb ik al een hele tijd niks van Danielle gelezen of gehoord. Misschien eens een mail sturen en nu heb je je blog geupdate. Veel dingen aan je hoofd, hoop dat 2009 nog meer ups zal brengen (en minder down’s natuurlijk) Als je wilt kan je mij natuurlijk ook altijd mailen, ik zie veel overeenkomsten 😉
    Big hug Astrid

  3. Jacoline

    Wat een verhaal en soms ook zo herkenbaar. Ook in het nieuwe jaar zullen er weer de nodige tegenvallers zijn maar zolang de meevallers overheersen is het meer dan goed toch. Een heel goed en creatief 2009.

  4. Marianne Hope

    Ajaj, now I get why I haven’t heard from you lately. There’s a lot of people experiencing downs at the moment. Tough times indeed. You just have to believe that something good will come out of this in the end. Mostly it does. Maybe you have taken on too much, and need to make some time to actually enjoy life instead of just running it. You will not be the first to acknowledge this. I know the feeling of not finding time to do all the things you want to/have to do, the feeling of beeing a bad mother, the feeling of exhaustion not beeing good enough. I think we have all been there. You will find your way, just know we care. Here’s to Ups and a very good 2009!
    Hugs Marianne

  5. Unknown

    Lieve Daan,

    Toch wel teveel voor de eerste maand van dit jaar. Maar er zullen zeker meer up’s komen de komende maanden. En dat we een gezellige DT meeting mogen hebben a.s. zondag, zoals Liek het al zei.

    lfs Kirs

  6. Katja

    oh Dan…..sounds like you are having a crappy time too…..but like me you are still trying to find some ‘ups’ lol. See what you mean about the water bill !!!!!
    Sending you a vertual hug :o)

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