Yes I am weird but there’s always someone weirder ….

I was tagged by Birgit to bear all and tell you 10 weird things about myself, now I’ve done this before and since I am really not any weirder than I thought up last time I cutpastadded here and there and ended up with this ….

1. I am the CREAMQUEEN ! ok I admit to those who do not know me that well (wel Nicole knows now too after spending a night LOL) I have a thing for (wonder)creams. I have all different kinds, for all sorts of rashes, problems, itches, scrapes, burns you name it I will have a lovely little cream for it (and with me ….). And I have quite the ritual before bedtime ….

2. I can’t stand bare toenails and think my feet look weird without nailpolish on them and therefore have been putting nailpolish on them since uhm forever…. 365 days a year. I usually have red on them but since a couple of years I’m into french manicure on them too. I also don’t like it when other people have bare toes but I can resist putting polish on other peoples toes (except on my mom’s …. )

3. while we’re on the subject of feet, I do not like to have barefeet in my shoes with the exception of sandals. Now you could say it’s the same but no, I CANNOT have barefeet in my shoes and wear granny footies in my shoes. I’m trying to better myself as I bought some crocs and you do not wear footies in them ….

4. Talking to me can be a bit confusing at times, as I hop from one subject to another while other people are still on the previous subject. Things go quicker in my head and can be hard to keep up with…..

5. I have 6 laundry baskets and still think that’s not enough, I like to have all my laundry sorted by color. But dh won’t let me buy anymore …..

6. I have a thing for tall, well built men but my men have always been shorter or just as tall as me but well built 😉 ….

7. I’m an organizational freak, I looooooove compartment boxes, little boxes, tags, file folders etc. Especially if they’re in pretty colors 🙂

8. How long do you think a teabag will last me ? Well more than 1 cup of tea that’s for sure. Tea is my drink of choice (herbal that is) and I drink it quite light so one teabag goes a long way for me, 2 pots of tea easy ! Just check out Dutch Dare nr. 1 LOL.

9. I hate a messy disorganised home (see # 7) so the current state of my home is totally freaking me out 24/7 …. (Hopefully this will be sorted during the summer vacation which I have off since I work @ a school).

10. I hate movies with an open ending as this doesn’t give me closure, so don’t show me one before bedtime or I cannot sleep. The ending can be good or bad (guess which one I prefer …) but there has to be an ending, obviously I do not like movies intended to have sequels ….

11. I share Birgit’s habit of talking to myself, it is weird when we sit next to each other cropping hihi

Now if you know me really well you probably know even more weird things about me, care to elaborate ???

My turn to tag some people I choose most of my team that haven’t been tagged by me before about weird things and hope to find out some more of them, so that’s Charlotte, Daphne, Francine, Jo-Anne, Mandy, Mirjam, Monique, Nicole, Wendy and our guest star for may and june Monique ! Can’t wait to read all about your weirdness ladies ! Oh and as a little extra, for some more fun I tag Bubbah too !


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