That pffff feeling

Today I don’t know if I’m PMS’ing or i’m tired from going to bed late, or if the boys are too intense at the moment after their first week of school (actually they are), or it’s because I have to go to work monday or just feel a bit lost or lonely but I just feel PppppFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you know 😉

Still wanted to share some random things with you, and then I plan not to dwell but take some vitamins and get a hug from my men ….. and have some laughs that will help.

I just got an invite from my friend Wendy for a spontanious braai tonight and it made me smile so the first smile is in the pocket. Just what I need, thanks sweetie !

This also made me smile this week, just a fun day with a friend, something I need more of as it gives me so much energy just a day of hanging out, chatting, bit of windowshopping and nothing on the mind ….. Thanks Anita for a fun day !

On the dutch dare blog we are sharing our inside stories about the lo’s, plan to do this in the week after the dare reveal. Really loved reading the story behind Mandy’s lo, mine is on there now and Mirjam and Liek are soon to follow. Check it out, it’s nice and sentimental to read 😉

We’re going geocaching today for the first time, so we’re staying in the area. There are over 100 caches we can search for within the 10 km radius. I’ll let you know how it went.

Hope you have a nice weekend, I hope to have feel better on monday 😉


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