Where are you

And I don’t mean logistically …. Things have been quiet on the snailmail, email and blogfront so what’s everyone been up to ?

I’ve had the flu over the last week and you know what happens when you’re lying around feeling sorry for yourself on all fronts …. You take an overview of your life checking to see how the scale is balanced, well at least I do ….

I have been resenting my living room setup and even more being ill lying here on the couch ….. So my mom came over and helped us rearrange the living room furniture, I love this but this raises new issues LOL … makes me want to change the colors, new lamps, curtains ( i want me some panels from ikea), new couch, new cupboards, accesoires etc. etc. even more but we have to do this one step at a time and I’m not a very patient person …..

My everlasting hate relationship with my backed up admin pile really got the better of me (now you may have noticed a pattern here if you’re a regular reader …..) bcause with all the moving into my scraproom, making RAKS (yes finally ….), giving new workshops, getting all the products uploaded it’s sort of gotten onto the backburner.

So i’ve decided to be stricter in how I spend my time on my 2 days off on weekdays. I love hanging out with friends and since I returned to work after the summer holiday and Colin started going to kindergarten I really haven’t been using these days for what I should have and that is for admin but have been hanging out with friends or doing a lot of shopping for the webshop (superfun !!). But this has consequences and after one month I’ve decided that if I don’t use these days more effectively I will start to resent MLS.

I want to spend more time enjoying the things around me and the webshop/site is taking up too much time bcause I am not using my time effectively. So by organizing my admin on my days of this will free up more time in the afternoons/evenings/weekends to spend more time with the boys, my friends and all my lovely scrapstuff. Easy choice right ?

So this is my attempt at getting a better balance on the scale … How is your balance doing ?


  1. Ingrid

    Balance? What balance? Since I got back to work in August – after a 6 month sabbatical – I have trouble finding balance again. A busy job, 2 little kids, a household to run, hobbies, family, friends….etc. I just wish I had more hours in a day and a bit more energy.
    Good luck finding your balance.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Anonymous

    Got rid of the job, went back to study at the Foto Academie, building up my business, spending lots of quality time with the kids….for the first time in a long time, I can say all is in balance…All pieces of the puzzle are well fitted…Last June I did not even believe that would be possible. It was a HUGE leap to get rid of the job to start working for myself (and taking baby steps here) but I have no regrets….

  3. Anonymous

    ah, same here, too less time, too much to do… Wish I had the solution (especially with another little one coming). Probably droppes 1 or 2 thing from the list, difficult…
    Hugs Astrid

  4. Fleur

    Mijn balans?! Je kunt het zien aan mijn log; in de zin van; eindelijk weer eens geblogd! En in de zin van; eindelijk laat ik weer eens een comment achter….
    Dus voor nu; it’s back!

  5. Anonymous

    Hey sweetie! Sounds like a good choice to me… And ehm. What was that other thing you mentioned. ehm. balance. yes. well. ehm. ok. well. It’s just that when i have ‘found’ it and i realize it is there, it’s gone the next minute. We talked about this before, it’s part of having our own (read 24-hours-a-day) business. It’s always there, among all the other 6.748 things that need to be taken care of during the average day. sigh.

  6. Anonymous

    jah, Het gaat goed, ik slaap goed,
    ik sta paraat wanneer je mn naam roept
    Ik doe mn dans, Zoek de balans

    Stukje uit mijn lijflied 🙂

    Maar nee.. ik heb hem ook nog niet gevonden. Helaas. Denk trouwens dat het leven daar ook veels te leuk voor is.

  7. Anonymous

    Ha ha zo herkenbaar, ik haat administratie en moet er ook aan geloven…..dan doe ik het en denk ik waarom wacht ik hier nou weer zo lang mee….terwijl ik dit type weet ik dat ik er ook mee aan de slag moet ugh Succes 🙂 LOL eef

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