Back to work

Wow what a difference a good night of sleep will do for me ! Yesterday I went to the orthopedic doc and he gave me some good news (well it’s just how you take it but I was so relieved, as you can imagine). Turns out only my cartilage/gristle (?) is badly damaged and needs time to heal (about 6 more weeks orso and a little help from a physiotherapist).
And damaged it is as my knee only started turning blue a week ago (the accident was om dec. 9th) … I will take a new pic today to show you if you don’t belive me.

These 2 weeks holiday have just gone by so fast. What have we been up to you may ask, well loads;

Seen the Bee Movie

Went to the Zoo

Played lots on the new Wii

DH worked hard on our hallway which is coming along nicely

Treated each little boy to a meal of his choice so 1 x NY pizza and 1x Mac Donalds

Spent a lot of time looking for new lampshades (Wendy would you mind if we got the same lovely green ones as you have ? hihi)

Counted the whole MLS stock (had some help from Corinne and DH which helped so much)

Cleaned out the scraproom (again)

Went to visit Nicole in Geleen (a good opportunity to see if the boys liked each other and they did so we can meetup more, get the boys to play so we can scrap LOL and I got to try out my new mobile with navigator and yay it works like a charm)

Organized the boys rooms (again)

Organized a Baby Shower with Nili for Flo

Sent out all overdue RAKS from my old stash

Gained a bit of weight 🙁

Went to the winter Efteling

Got the admin sorted for 2006 (waaaaaaaay overdue)

Washed numerous laundry piles (and I still do not see the bottom of my 4 laundry baskets)

Spent time with friends

Learned not to play 2 consecutive boxing matches on the wii (ouch)

Thought up/Made fun new workshops for jan/feb

What I still need to do SOON;

Organize a Pokemon Party for Michael (all ideas are welcome)

Clean up the attic so Ed can build a guest room for a special guest in March

Lose weight 5 kg = 1 waistsize = no more tight clothes

Get scrapping again ! I just have not had the time and this has to change this year


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