Adjusting and our boring life

Thanks for all your sweet comments, so far we’ve survived the first few weeks of DH’s surgery and he’s doing better every day. Although the pain after the surgery was much more than we had anticipated (not at all what other people who’ve had meniscus surgeries) which is probably due to the extra looking, searching, probing they did after all DH had been walking around with a bad meniscus for 2 years so it wasn’t exactly a clean break …. let’s just say they had to gather up all bits and pieces they could find and clean it all up. On our own request he started fysiotherapy after 2 weeks and things have been going much better since then, still limping around but he’s building up muscle in his leg again, the pain is getting less and he’s able to help out again with the boys. Good news too is that his fysio is located in my gym (yes i still have a subscription I just wasn’t going) and so I’m taking classes when he’s there as I have to drive him everywhere (no biking, no driving still for another 3 weeks at least) oh and i ache everywhere LOL.

As for other stuff we’ve been doing, I’ve been getting my scrapshop (irl and on the web) a bit more organised and i hope to start scrapping a bit again now that I can find stuff and have a bit of space.

I’ve taken up reading books again, those of you who are my pal on good reads have seen I’ve uploaded all the books I have waiting to be read by me that I’ve been buying … But “Twilight” and “New Moon” have been keeping me busy most (reading both in 2 days flat), wow Love that genre (suspence romance) and I cannot wait to see the movie DH managed to find for me on valentines day 🙂 Tommorow I’m off to the bookstore for the 3rd and final book in that trilogie.

Oh and I’ve been updating my favorite finds blog with fun stuff and I went to the theatre for some stand up comedy (love that) and can recommend Jandino to all the dutchies ! Not only is he very funny he can also sing so good, this is him on you tube

And that’s not all, I decorated a cake, yep a cake a big one 25×25 and it was less hard than I thought, and yummy too. Can’t wait to make one for the next bday we have in our family !

My holiday is over this week, have to work again on monday and the boys have their holiday then, since we can’t do anything fun together till friday we went to the movie BOLT this week and it was fab ! Definately recommend it !


  1. Evi

    Fijn om te horen dat het beter gaat!
    Had effe gemist dat de opperatie al geweest is…dat krijg je met dat gebrekkig engels van mij he..halverwege je tekst ben ik altijd de draad kwijt:)

  2. Monique Helfrich

    Fijn om te lezen dat alles weer wat meer ‘op de rit’ is. En ja, wat was die taart lekker zeg! Annet is gelijk naar Hoorn gereden voor gereedschap en ingrediënten: die is nu helemaal into de taart 🙂
    En wat zalig dat je tijd vrij maakt voor lezen. It’s all about planning. Sinds de vakantie plannen wij nu ook dat soort leuke dingen in de week anders komt het er echt niet van.
    Is die 1 persoons kamer in Veghel nog vrij? Zie nl. dat Silvia zelf al iets heef geboekt en een roommate zoekt.

  3. Anonymous

    hey….twilight has 4 books in the series. did you get ‘breaking dawn’ yet? awesome book.
    glad to hear things are doing well. Will you be at scrap-a-licious? maybe I’ll see you then.

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