So Proud

Ed’s been practising for about a month with Michael to get him to ride his bike (an old bike that he has at my mom’s) without the training wheels but he wasn’t getting it so we bought a bike without the pedals because we heard it helps with finding your balance. On this type of bike you need to make some speed and then lift your feet and try to find your balance and you know what it works ! We got the bike last weekend and yesterday Michael and his friend Noud were playing with bikes (Noud on the normal bike, Michael on the one without the pedals) and I asked Michael if he wanted to try the normal bike, since he now has the confidence that he can keep his balance he wasn’t afraid to fall and it worked. He got on, tried to lean on me but I said that I wasn’t going to keep him upright so he starting sitting up and biked, so fast that I couldn’t keep up !!!! He’s been going round our playground all afternoon and by the time Ed got home he was so on a roll that he could keep up with his best friends and they were having so much fun. Another milestone for the kid (and the new promised bike will have to be bought ….)!!!

By the way the weather was so amazing in the Netherlands yesterday, it was ICE CREAM time !!

Will finally be scrapping this week, tonight I think I’ll try making some coasters ! Also I have to start my mothersday present & mom’s birthday present (stop reading here mom !!!) and I’ve bought something and it starts with B, as my mom’s birthday is om May 9th I’d better get crackin’……


  1. Emine Pazan

    Hi Danielle

    You should be very proud of your DS… Thanks for commenting on my blog… I cancelled my appointment with Antoinette on Thursday because I was very sick… I got the flu I think… We’re going to make a new appointment for next tuesday or wednesday…

    I have to do some scrapping myself today…

    Have a wonderfull day..

  2. Anonymous

    Wat leuk dat je op mijn log bent langsgeweest 🙂 Leuke log heb en wat knap van zoonlief dat ie nu zonder zijwieltjes kan fietsen 🙂
    Fijn weekend verder en tot logs 🙂

    gr Alette

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