Secretary day

So in the netherlands it’s secretary day today and most secretaries expect their bosses to show their appreciation by buying them flowers or something … Since the company I work is watching the budget I didn’t expect anything, and neither did Ed so he sent me a sweet e-card ! But you know what, I had a really lovely bouquet of flowers on my desk when I got in this morning ! What a nice surprise together with the card it made my day (either flowers or chocolate will do the trick 😉 )


  1. rev

    Hi D@anielle,
    Good to start a blog!! love reading your story’s already!! And I’m a ‘boss’ to and have 5 girls working for me (i have a ‘secretarial service’). So I gave them all a huge pack of chocolate and a personal card. They’re all so thrilled about it. I so LOVE surprising people…

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