Family photoshoot 2006

You know Francine came over for a photoshoot, and she ROCKS at it. Here’s some of my favourites (hard to choose from so many of them (93 !) … BTW she didn’t chop off parts, picasa did ….LOL.

I’ve been real good with my list of chores, halfway through my admin and mess. Hope to get some more done tommorow and next week…We celebrated Sinterklaas this weekend, and as I was wrapping everything it struck me that we didn’t buy a lot of pressies this year. Actually not at all, now we are also celebrating christmas but we only got the boys one gift (and ed’s parents added a present and for christmas my parents added a present) so the bag of pressies was half full.

Wow last year we had 2 …. it just struck me that this year we were very consious in what we were buying and made a list, rather than just randomly buying and then ending up with too much. We only bought games btw for everyone, I got twister, Ed a plugnplay commodore.
Michael junior scrabble and spongebob for his gameboy advance (well it’s a loaner from his uncle but I don’t think he’s giving it back ….).
Colin “koetje Boe” and a 2nd hand vtech laptop (he’s getting a bit more expensive gift for christmas, so that’s why this as a cheapie pressie ….).
The boys were really happy and didn’t even notice getting less presents as they both got something that was on their list.
Didn’t make very good pictures so I’m not sharing LOL.


  1. Anonymous

    FAB FAB FAB photo’s they are…i so love these. Your family looks beautiful (and IS beautiful too, having met them.)
    I haven’t got any Sinterklaasphoto’s to share either as our camerabattery was empty on the spot. My boys first Sinterklaas… no photo’s…

  2. Francine

    We are doing Sinterklaas tomorrow, and we have three bags overflowing with gifts. But, in my defense, the blankets I made them are good for 1 bag on their own, and my present-to-kid-ratio is different from yours, you know, with the princess in the mix 🙂

    Still love your photoshoot. it is one of my (maybe THE) favorite series I ever did.

  3. Anonymous

    Ahhh, I love those picture! So great to have such a serie! And the photo with the cars in the shape of a heart is so cool idea (have to remember that)!

  4. Anonymous

    Wat een mooi gezinnetje zijn jullie! Prachtige foto’s. Zoiets zou ik ook wel van ons willen, alleen moet het dan wel snel gebeuren, wit blijft niet zolang wit bij ons :-DDD

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