only one more week

It started way before Sinterklaas, the countdown that is …. How many more nights till my b’day ???? And well it’s getting close now as it’s only 10 more days to go ……

We’ve planned an Indian/Cowboy party (yeah finally I get to give my first themed b’day party !) and even mommy and daddy will get dressed up for this ! So tommorow it’s off to get some accesories and a new birthday streamer (yes I know not very cowboy/indian but this is for the grown up party ….) I have had my eye on ! This is his invite that DH put together, he rocks at this !

He made a big wishlist and still I’m not sure everythings on there as he had quite the expensive taste putting this together so we need to sit down this weekend and look for some small things he marked in the toy catalogue.


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