Deck of me card 2 {Music}

Card 2; what is powerfull to me = Music

I don’t mind sharing the journaling which is; Music is very powerful to me. It is a huge part of my life, even though I cannot make it myself and cannot sing to save my life. It’s universal and is used to help people in all kinds of ways. I have all types to help me to find comfort, lyrics to make me feel strong, melodies to dance to and sounds to help me relax. I surround myself with music every day, because that’s what is powerful in my my life. I did correct the little spelling mistake on the card, but didn’t have time to take a new pic …

Oh and did I tell you I took my mother to the Sound of Music singalong show ? It was so funny bcause she didn’t know where we were going (I love to surprise her) and she thought “who are all these weirdly dressed up people” (picture a whole bunch of Von Trapp Families, heidi-types, nuns and so on) but when we got settled in our chairs she saw what it was about and was excited. I must tell you a bit about me, my mother and the Sound of Music. Whenever it was shown in any movie theater relatively close to where we were she dragged me to it (all of my childhood so that includes I don’t know how many reruns), I used to put on my own puppetshow to lonely goatherd and my bedtime song was Edelweiss; catch my drift ? We thorougly enjoyed ourselves and sang along, shouted and clapped with all the other fans, even Martijn Krabbe ….. And I bought the special edition dvd, ok I admit she got me hooked but I was too young to say no ….


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